Friday 30 November 2012

PA Hire West Middlesex Hospital London

PA Hire Isleworth West London 28th Nov 2012

Corporate PA hire with Lectern for an Awards ceremony at West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth

Sound system comprising of 4 x EV SX 300 speakers, 10 channel mixing desk, AKG Condenser microphone, Radio Microphone,Konig & Meyer Stage Lectern (Ovation Pro) was the PA System installed in the Atrium area of the above named hospital
Over 100 persons were in attendance at this award ceremony for best midwife, best carer best consultant etc etc. . Amanda Holden a TV presenter was the guest speaker sharng her support of this NHS hospital having lost her own child there a while back
No feedback or sound issues a very successful PA Hire on the day.

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Karaoke with Compere Holborn London

Karaoke Night Holborn London 15th November 2012

Karaoke DJ at the All star lanes Club in Holborn London was the job in hand this night

A great venue off Bloomsbury Square Central London. The setting was in a small bar room off the bowling lanes area  where there was an  handy built in sound system which we plumbed the Karaoke system through.
The company running the corporate event was "Gumtree"  . Running a talent contest throughout the evening which was only interrupted when the winners of the bowling competitions were announced.
The karaoke system held its own and lots of songs were song by the very enthusiastic customers. Running through until 11.30 - finished with some impromptu dancing to the delight of a very happy crowd

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Strobe and Smoke machine Hire City

Effects for Lighting hire City of London 15th Nov 2012

Strobe light hire and Smoke machine hire London was this small job undertaken by our company
Delivering a powerful strobe light and a Visage smoke machine with a handy key fob remote control to one of our Raquela customers was a small job but as we were in the city anyway a delivery like this did not pose a problem
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DJ and Disco Chiswick London

DJ and Disco Chiswick London 11th November 2012

Disco DJ and Lights   on 11th November at High Road House Chiswick was the job in hand today
Andy Healer had a tough prospect in hand . Namely a 4 hour disco for 12 year olds!
Normally a shorter playing period is recommended for this age group. Mind you lots of adults there enjoying the music so it was noy exclusively centred around young teens
Timings were from 5.00-9.00p.m
CDJ 100s DJM 800 mixer surround sound system LED lights and lasers contributed to the the whole event
Andy delivered a very satisfactory afternoon's entertainment
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Mobile Disco Kingston

DJ Kingston Surrey 10th Nov 2012

Disco with Karaoke at the Kingsmeadow ground home of AFC Wimbledon was the job in hand
A girls 40th party formed largely of girls playing at some of leading London ladies football clubs . Lots of alcohol lots of dancing . Our mobile DJ "Duggie Spurs" was on form and had to be - 150 demanding women!
A full disco with lights had everyone attending this private party a great time

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Wednesday 7 November 2012

CDJ Hire Roehampton South West London

CDJ Hire London Roehampton 3rd Nov 2012
CDJ 1000's with DJM mixer and sound system  hired out to Alton Y.C in the Roehampton estate. Last minute booking (that morning) we delivered a sound system with a sub bass speaker and active DB Technologies monitors for a firework night celebratory disco. Hamish who had booked us was a typical laid back youth worker who was organising the event..
Barney my son picked up te sound equipment the next day - He got there early and it appears the guys there were still recovering from a night if indulgence!!
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Monday 5 November 2012

Karaoke Hire Canary Wharf London

Karaoke system Hire Canary Wharf London 31st October 2012

Karaoke system Hire  in Canary Wharf London on the top penthouse suite on the top of the Pan Peninsular Bldg in Canary Wharf was the job in hand
Hired by the strangely named restaurant (Tomkins & the Attic) 'Tomkins' been the restaurant part on the Ground floor and the 'Attic' being the bar/venue on th 48th floor
Took my daughter Carla (half tern and over from Ireland) to come for the ride. Once we met Jose, the manager and got the equipment and parking organised we were zooming up the lift to the 48th floor. Was ot worth it -yes indeedy. Views were spectacular and being a clear day wonderful to befold as well..
Put the karaoke system thru the DJ Booth and one of the TVs behind a smoked glass screen . The setting was exactly what you;d a expect from a penthouse suite -  plush - posh expensively furnished - beautiful modern interior. It was so posh that I took ages making sure that all the cables were neatly hidden or covered so the equipment blended in rather than being anachronistic. As it was a DIY karaoke hire - I have no idea how the evening went. I know that this was an trial  experiment and with 'Karaoke expereiments' there can be a varying degress of sucess in terms of attendance and participation.
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Staging Hire and lights hire Kingston Surrey

Stage hire and Lighting effects hire Kingston Surrey 28th October 2012

Staging hire with different light effects for a band performance of Bad Manners at the Kingsmeadow football ground in Kingston.
Well nice to know that Buster Bloodvessel of Bad Manners has graced our portable staging
and been illuminated with some of our lighting - Namely 4 LED par cans and an Equinox mega bar of 4 flat LED par cans. A haze machine and laser added to contribute to the overall effect. People of course come to see Bad Manners perform not gaze at a stunning light show. But what we provided in terms of lighting gave the hall (capacity - just 300 persons) gave the necessary atmosphere required for a live performance
Excellent musicians and bar an unfortunate episode where Buster had to leave the stage and change - the evening was very successful
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Wedding Anniversary DJ Kingston

Wedding Anniversary Disco Kingston Surrey 26th October 2012

Mobile disco and DJ in Kingston for a golden wedding anniversary at the Kingsmeadow Football Ground where Wimbledon AFC play.
Our DJ Andy Viking played a mixture of music for a mixed agegruop that you would kinda expect at a Golden wedding anniversary.
Using a full sound and light show appropriate to the room layout, the party went with a 'bang'. Andy pulling all the stops out to ensure the party went well

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Wednesday 24 October 2012

Karaoke Hire Surrey Ewell

Karaoke system Hire Epsom/Sutton  Surrey 20th Oct 2012

Karaoke hire in Surrey at an address in Ewell
Straightforward hire of a karaoke system delivered and set up at a private address in Ewell/Cheam Surrey
CD based system with TV speakers microphones Songbooks request slips iPod connectivity Laser lights . All delivered set up and collected the next day

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PA System Hire Soho London

PA system hire for Band London 19th October 2012

PA system Hire for musicians in a beautiful building called House of St.Barnabas (formerly a charitable building - amongst its past uses was a 'Womens hostel' ) the back of Greek Street Soho London was the job in hand.
This was an acoustic session played by Andy Burrows formerly of Razorlight to help promote their forthcoming album attended by musical journalists. It was to be played in a chapel that was part of this great building. The chapel itself was small and absolutely beautiful
Inevitable sound checks went fine but the sound levels were a contentious Issue.Namely the venue wanted them quiet and the band predictably wanted them louder.
Using the fantastic Yamaha Pas 500 stage system with the addition of two stage monitors, two DI boxes with of course microphones and stands.
After the sound check a lunch of sandwiches and cakes (very nice) was served.
The actual session was very successful. Sound was brilliant an the journalists very impressed with Andy Burrows & Co
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PA Hire London City Temple bvar

PA Hire in City of London

PA system hire in London EC4 at an Indian restaurant near Fleet Street was the job description for this job.
We weer asked to provide a sound system and radio microphone for the multitalented 'Paul Sinha' who not only is a comedian and  an ex Doctor but he stars in the popular quiz programme called 'The Chase ' on ITV as one of the clever question answerers.
His routine mainly focused on the fact that he is gay- Best joke was that he thought the football team 'Man City' was a gay resort for Homosexuals
The solicitors firm that hired me were having a yearly comedy/curry night
All the sound was prefect and I ticked into  a curry . Short night so early return home

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Karaoke Hire Brighton East sussex

Karaoke with DJ Brighton Hilton 16th October 2012

Karaoke hire with compere in Brighton at the Hilton was our job in Hand tonight
Vodaphone were holding a conference at the Hilton 16th October 2012. A great company called Kingsbridge from Newbury were doing all the AV for the conference etc
We used all our own equipment including a full Karaoke set up (TV Shure SM 58 radio microphones, JBL PRX 635 speakers and the control) We also supplied a Pioneer DJM mixer for the 'Company DJ' called James who was deejaying from his laptop using Serato software.
The karaoke was projected through a huge screen supplied by Kingsbridge AV. Looked brilliant and everyone in the whole room could see the words as they came thru onto the screen
Barnaby and I set up late afternoon and then found a small restaurant in the @Lanes' where we had something to east . We also had a quick pint in an empty  gay pub (Once known as the 'Hole in the Wall' ) so Barney could touch base with some of his issues!
returned to the Hilton and started to encourage the clients to sing. Not all of then were up for it but we got it going and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves
Lovely night all in all
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DJ in kingston

Mobile Disco Kingston Surrey 6th October 2012

Disco and DJ at Wimbledon AFC 's football ground in Kingston Surrey was the party event that we were involved with on this Saturday
Jim Piddichio was promoting an 'Over 30's Disco' with a locally well known DJ .Mick Brown (ex Capital Radio and now on Radio Jackie). Our DJ ( Dougie Agent ) was the main DJ playing sets before and after Mick Brown.
This was the opening night and we tried to make the room look a bit clubby. How?
Jim had some shelves put up on the walls so that the various light effects were well placed to give a much better effect than the more traditional mobile disco set-up where all the lights are crowded round the DJ area. Using LED effects, Scanners, Intelligent lighting effects and a Haze Machine - it all looked brilliant
Using our new JBL PRX 635 1500 watt speakers - we had a  lovely sound too.
Uncle Jim (as we affectionately know him) was a very happy man. Great turnout for a 1st night and  very pleased customers and therefore very much looking forward to the next one in November
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Civil ceremony Disco Surrey

Civil Wedding Disco Surrey 6th October 2012

Wedding disco in Hampton court Surrey for a civil partnership was one of the events that we provided a DJ for this Saturday. Held at the beautiful Hotel Carlton Mitre
Richie 'Happy' Welsh was our DJ and he normally does all our gay parties. The disco was a huge success and to make things a little interesting there was the 'Drag Queen Act' to break up the music.We supplied him with a Radio microphone in order for him/her to perform!

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Lighting Hire Bayswater West London

Par Can Uplighter Hire Notting Hill London 4th October 2012

Lighting hire job in West London for Vodaphone Group Services at the Cinema in the famous Whiteleys store.
A conference was been held in one of the luxurious cinema rooms at Whiteleys in Bays water.
The hirers required 4 par can up lighters on a slow colour fade . 4 x spotlights for the speakers and a laser light for a little dramatic effect for later.
The sound guy called Alex was playing some vintage 'Bowie' as I set up . Marvellous!
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Monday 1 October 2012

DJ Karaoke Disco Chiswick London

Disco Karaoke Chiswick West London 27th September 2012

Disco and Karaoke in Chiswick West london on 27th September 2012. This was a high profile party for L'oreal at Chiswick High Road House in Chiswick. Richard Collieman was our DJ and after the guests had dinner - the party kicked off. Singing all the songs that were plentiful on the Karaoke system supplied . Some disco muisc was supplied for general dancing. A very sucessful evening had by all.
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CDJ Hire London with Speakers

DJ Equipment Hire Bermondsey London 29th September 2012

This was a late booking requiring the hire of CDJ 1000s DJM mixer 2 x Mackie speakers with stands leads etc. To be delivered to the GB Bermondsey Square Hotel near Tower bridge
Not absolutely certain but it was been used for a wrap/birthday party related to a recently filmed 'Gordon Ramsey' series  - The team from Optomen (the company who booked us) were very helpful when we arrived with DJ equipment. Always nice in this business
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Outdoor PA System Marathon Ealing London

PA System Hire  Ealing Half Marathon 30th Sept 2012

Sound system hire for outdoors in Ealing West London. It was the 1st one organised by the local running club. Over 4000 entrants and an impressive turnout of 3500 runners. Starting and finishing in Lammas Park,West Ealing London.
We arrived at 6.30 a.m. still dark at that time to set up two sound systems . One at the starting  line and one at the finishing line. Using EV speakers at both points strategically placed to get maximum coverage. Radio headset microphones were supplied to the fitness instructors who ran the 'warm up'. The main commentator who was an amazing speaker used a Shure SM58 microphone for all the warm up banter and the countdown for the actual start.A volunteer called Russell supplied some 'wake up' music on his iPod that sounded very impressive through our speakers
The sound system at the finishing line had to be powered by our Honda silent generator and it was more than adequate for the Crown amplified driven EV PA system. The 1st runner clocked in about 1 hour and seven minutes. The majority finished under 3 hours where refreshments and St. Johns Ambulance crews awaited!
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Sunday 23 September 2012

PA System South London Stockwell

Sound hire Stockwell London 22nd Sept 2012

Stockwell community Festival Larkhall Park London was the event and location  which we were providing there different sound systems for hire all of them mainly been used for bands and musicians
A glorious day in South London set the scene for a trouble free day in South London.
Joe and I go there about 9.15 am. and started the 1st set up in the "Cavendish Arms Tent". We used our new JBL PRX635 1500 watt speakers for F.O.H. and the awesome 800 watt DB Technologies Opera Sub Bass 15 as well. Two Mackie SRM450s as stage monitors and the wonderful 22ch Mackie ProFX22 mixing desk. Using 4 SM58 with stands, a multicore running although the distance between the desk and singers was actually quite short and therefore not needed.All the bands were providing their own back-line stuff
The second marquee ("Peace Tent") had no stage. Here we used 2 x Mackie SRM450s as F.O.H with a smaller 400watt DB Technologies Opera sub bass 12 . Two active DB Opera 15's were used as stage monitors Sound craft EFX12 desk & 4 x Senheiser microphones with stands.
Both performing areas  were supplied with Behringer D.I Boxes
Lastly the 3rd set up was the easiest. Using the extremely versatile and compact Yamaha Stage PAS500 system and two AKG microphones for the acts that were performing that day.
Techically we had no problems save a few iPods that had some low bit-rate recordings on them and therefore sounded naff thru our PA systems
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Lighting Hire West London

Lighting hire Bayswater London 20th September 2012

Whiteleys (in their luxurious Odeon cinema called the 'Lounge') at Bayswater was the location for a lighting hire job that we were doing for a Vodafone corporate event.
The lighting was actually been used in one of the cinemas during the day before an actual film showing later that night.
They wanted 4 spotlights to illuminate a table that would have 4 persons chairing the conference.  Four LED parcan uplighters hired to give a colour fade wash on the blank cinema screen and the 'coup de grace' a couple of lasers hired to give a 'wow' factor effect at the end of the event.
Realy nic guys from Vodaphone and they paid in advance (very trusting set of souls). The guy from Whitelys on site was called Alex and whilst setting up he  treated my ears to some vintage Bowie tracks. You know my job is great sometimes .
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Radio Microphone hire London Projector Hire Streatham

Radio Mic rental & Projector Hire Streatham 15th Sept 2012

We hired out a dual receiver with two handheld radio microphones and a Benq projector with a  pull up screen to a guy called Gavin from the Pirate party who was running  a musical event in Streatham, South London  in a pub called the Horse & Groom.
Heard of the Pirate Party? No nor had I. Well they believe in a few ideas among them being the free distribution of digital music. I guess you should Google them to find out exactly what they stand for.
The hired AV and PA equipment all worked well and a short chat with Gavin at the back of the Pub on a lively night on Streatham High Road was the final part of what had been  a busy day for A1 Pro Entertainments
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21st Party Disco Hampton Court Surrey

Party DJ Hampton Court Surrey 15th September 2012

Mobile disco for a 21st party held in the restaurant area at the Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court
It was a smallish family and friends party. The girl who was called Isabel had sent over some favorites for our party DJ Doug Spurr to play. One of her faves was 54-46 was my number by Toots & the Maytals  which coincidentally was a fave of mine over 30 years ago! What taste.
The party ,once the meal had been eaten it was non-stop dancing to great music courtesy of A1 Pro Ents of course.
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Wedding DJ Hampton Court

Wedding Disco Hampton Court Surrey 15th September 2012

A full disco was provided for this Wedding party Disco by A1 Pro Entertainments at the Hotel Mitre Hampton Court
'These arms of mine' by Otis Redding was the 1st dance . What a choice!
Richie Bush deejayed and as usual turned in a sterling performance. Round of applause at the end
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Monday 10 September 2012

Karaoke with Host Primrose Hill

6th September 2012 Karaoke with Host Primrose Hill

This was a corporate event holding a Karaoke night in pub called the Adelaide in Primrose Hill North London.
Andy Dolphin was the compere (he's great in getting guests to play around and join in the party) . The reason  I mention this was that the hirer wanted someone to get the party going and not to be a piece of furniture!
The Karaoke was eagerly awaited and the guests were not disappointed in our excellent Karaoke service
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Karaoke Hire Reigate Priory Cricket Club

Karaoke Hire Reigate Priory Cricket Club 8th September 2012

Booked quite late in the day Toby from the Reigate Cricket club hired our digital karaoke system 
for a 'bash' they were holding on Saturday night.
I delivered the hired  karaoke system early Saturday  evening , I was in no mood to rush as it was so hot and I took nearly 2 hours to set up . Mind you they wanted a full system including 4 SM58 microphones and  a radio mic for the host .
Met Toby the next day when collecting the karaoke system and apparently most people got drunk and had a great time. Which in a nutshell is what Karaoke is all about!
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Wedding Disco Hampton Court

Wedding Disco Hampton Court 7th September 2012

Another Wedding disco at the Hotel Mitre Hampton Court  Surrey as we all know is a residency for our company
The disco on a lovely warm night went down a storm which the DJ Rich Ireland getting a rapturous round of applause at the end of a memorable wedding disco
Our mobile Deejays always go down spectacularly at the Carlton Mitre . Why?  Easy I never ever compromise on which DJs I use at this beautiful venue.
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PA Hire Highgate School

PA Hire Headmaster's  Speech Highgate School 3rd Sept 2012

Third time that John Mullins from the Highgate School in Highgate has used our PA Hire service for the annual ''beginning of term' Headmasters speech.
The event takes place first thing Monday morning in a large Gym type building that doubles up as a sports venue for the general public although owned by this school in this North London suburb.
The PA system supplied consisted of the following a lectern, an AKG247  condenser microphone,Dynacord mixing desk, crown amplifier and six EVSX300 speakers strategically placed around the hall.
The sound was perfect and all the 1000 plus students were able to hear the Headmasters wonderful words - which they were, albeit I'm not convinced that the younger students would have fully grasped the content!
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Lighting/Staging Wimbledon AFC Band event

Lighting/Staging Kingsmeadow Football Ground 1st September 2012

Jim (the commercial manager at Wimbledon AFC) was promoting an event for the Kingsmeadow Football ground in Kingston Surrey involving the band "From the Jam" which did include Bruce Foxton.
We arrive a day early has Jim wanted to to prepare as best he could for what in the Kingsmeadow calendar is a big event
WE hired out a 5 meter x 2 meter portable stage plus an array of lighting effects which include the following 4 x PAR Cans floor up-lighters which were eventually used as par cans on the ceiling (not the floor),haze machine, Equinox megabar of LED flat par cans,2 x martin acrobats. Not all the effects were used ,evidently the band were moaning about this and that and even the new sound system (which was not ours) got some criticism.I have found over the year the ' techcos' and band members of smaller bands can be up their own -----. They seem to forget that once they were playing in front of 50 pissed students with a crap sound system and that'd be on a good night!!
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PA System Promotion London SE1

PA System Hire London SE1 28th August 2012

This event was been run by PIAS UK (who are a record didstibutor) at their offices in Bermondsey South East London.
The singer/songwriter 2Andy Burrows" originally form Razorlight .was doing a short set of song from his albums to about 30 members of the office staff .
We used a simple but brilliant PA system called the Yamaha Stage PAS 500 which is 500 watt self contained Band PA System literally wheeled in on a portable suitcase configuration with the addition of two Senhieser microphones and stands.
As this was a short gig I went off and picked up some equipment previously  hired out nearby ( fortuitously in Bermondsey) and returned to pick up the equipment hired out today. Luckily the gig was overrunning and therefore I had the opportunity to listen to the musician and he was very very good
The hirer was very happy with sound system supplied and all that needs to happen now is that we get paid!
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Disco Karaoke Combination Wapping

Disco Karaoke Combination Wapping 25th August 2012

This was a private party in a lovely house touching the river Thames in Wapping East London for a famous Sculptress.
Apparently Graham Norton is their next door neighbor!
Richie Bunn was the compere/DJ that night and he  drove up nice and early to set up all the equipment as the hirer did not want any distractions whilst the earliest of her guests arrived.
The karaoke with its updated catalogue of songs was more than adequate for the gathering . Speakers were EVs and I had to go up with a replacement pair as we had unknowingly used  a pair whose horns had been blown from the Eid event the week before. All part of the service!!
The disco karaoke went down a storm and the whole event was followed by a very complimentary email saying as much as well.
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"Eid" outdoor PA Events Goodmayes & Kingsbury

"Eid" outdoor PA Events Goodmayes & Kingsbury w/e August 18th 2012

Monty & Jalaal from 1Eid booked ourselves as they have done for the last 4 Eid events marking the end of Ramadan
Both PA systems that we hired out were both housed in huge marquees that could house 1000' of followers.
Kingsbury first in Fryent Park and then across London to Goodmayes near Stratford East London (full of takeaways this place) to the site which was a local schools playing field. We set up the PA systems on the Friday afternoon hiring a big VW Crafter van to take all the extra equipment required. The van was fantastic, economical and it is lovely to walk around in a van when you are sorting out the equipment.
We used for each set up a 2 x 2 meter portable stage which was appropriate for the number of speakers to be present.. A stage lectern with condenser microphone . We placed all the speakers at strategic intervals throughout the marquees. Using a pair of JBL PLX 535 s and 6 x EV speakers for each site. Sound was clear and adequate. Mixing desk and amplifiers were situated by the stages.
The systems were used for general announcements on the Saturday and on Sunday (which was the actual day of Eid) was used for prayer , fundraising and general announcements again.
All went well but the Friday of the Goodmayes set up, there was no generator for power and therefore we could not fully test and show the hirers how to use the PA. WE paid dearly for this omission as the equipment had not been used properly and five of my speakers had blown horns which may have been the result of excessive feedback on the microphones (which if we had had the opportunity to show the operation of the installed system would have very likely not happened.)
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Tuesday 14 August 2012

DJ equipment Hire Blackfriars London

DJ Equipment Hire London 4th August 2012

We took on a DJ equipment hire booking at the "Doggets Coat and Badge" (Silliest name for a pub that I know of) at the southern end of Blackfriars bridge
I set up this sound rig myself . It comprised of  2 x EV speakers C.Audio amp 1 x Sub Bass unit Pair of Pioneer CDJ 400s and a DJM 600 mixer and a LED lighting effect
The manager of the Pub was a splendid guy called Tim. He was one of the most accommodating helpful managers I have ever  met . Mentioning this as it is a rare occurrence for us
Journey time despite all the hype about Olympic traffic conditions was the best Ive ever known..Ewell to Blackfriars in 40 mins the return journey being equally fast
The equipment all worked brilliantly and the hirer was very satisfied with our Sound Hire service
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DJ Disco 40th Party Teddington

Mobile Disco Teddington 28th July 2012

We provided a full mobile discotheque for a 40th birthday party at a private address in Teddington. The roads because of the Olympic cycle races etc (Come on Bradley) were closed in the immediate area on the Saturday so we delivered and set up the equipment the day before.
Andy (bless his little dolphin socks) set up the whole sound and light show by himself and returned the next day to do his stuff!
Great party from all accounts and a generous tip to Andy for his creativity behind the decks
I was at WOMAD that weekend so good to know that all was well back in Surrey Disco land For all your mobile disco DJ and sound equipment requirements in the Surrey and Middlesex area contact us at

Karaoke Evening Regents Park London Zoo

Karaoke Night London Zoo 25th July 2012

We provided a Karaoke night with compere for a corporate event (CISCO) which was been held at the infamous London Zoo Regents Park London
The compere Rich Collie was on fine form and had all the guests singing and enjoying the Karaoke entertainment for the evening
WE provided a full karaoke set up including Mackie SARM 450 speakers Flat TV screen disco lighting and all the normal Karaoke paraphernalia
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Mobile Disco hampton Court

DJ and Disco Hotel Mitre Hampton Court 21st July 2012

We are the resident Discotheque service at the Hotel Mitre Hampton Court and this night weer providing the entertainment for a Wedding Disco 
The DJ Dougie Lilywhite did a great job and everybody danced and got into his funky brand of music.
WE provided a full disco set up with atmospheric lighting .
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Monday 16 July 2012

PA System Victoria Embankment Gardens

 Victoria Embankment Gardens PA Hire C.R.Y. July 15th 2012

A lovely Sunday morning in London ( a rare occurrence this year!) specifically the lovely Victoria Embankment Gardens on the Embankment near Hungerford Bridge.
The event was a fundraiser for C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young). A multiple person walk across 8 London bridges.
Several hundred people gathered in the Gardens at the Bandstand area where we had set up the PA System. WE used 4 x EV Speakers, Soundcraft 14 channel mixing desk, 1 x radio microphone and a Shure SM58 mic on stand. Their fitness (warm up ) instructor Kirk used his iphone through the sound system to play music during his warm up set. I installed the speakers etc with my 13 yr old son Arthur partly so he could experience London on a Sunday morning (Quieter).The good weather a positive plus!
The PA system worked perfectly . The whole event was quite moving especially as most of the attendees had a photo of their loved one printed on the back of their T. Shirts
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Outdoor PA Surrey Archery Association

14th July 2012 Outdoor PA Tolworth

A wet weekend in prospect but this bunch of Archery enthusiasts were holding  a National competition regardless at the Kingston University sports ground in Tolworth Surrey.
Arrived a day early to set up an outdoor sound system in the grounds of the playing fields where the competition was due to take place. Mark Preston was the event organiser on site. We had to have our sound system  taken over in a buggy across the soft grass. The groundsmen were every serious about their jobs and we were not allowed to take our van over to where the tents had been set up to accommodate the PA System. Using a sound desk, Shure SM58 radio microphone and 4 x EV SX 300 speakers driven by a C.Audio amplifier. A great clear sound putting the speakers facing different parts of the arena so an all round sound was achieved .
The event was a 2 day affair and except for one hours rain on the Saturday the event enjoyed acceptable weather
Organisers were very impressed by the service that they received
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Thursday 12 July 2012

Outdoor Event Charlton London

Sports Day Charlton School London 6th July 2012

Charlton school in the London Borough of Greenwich looks after mentally and physically disadvantaged secondary age school kids.Today was their annual sports day
The weather was atrocious and when I got there at 8.30a.m.I anticipated that the event would be called off. Made of sterner stuff these guys! - the show went on. I waited whilst these poor fellows were erecting all the marquees/tents on the edge of the running track.
Today our hired outdoor PA System was to be powered by our brand new Honda 3KVa silent generator. It was its 1st outing and trouble free it was , better than some horrendous previous experiences I've had hiring dodgy generators from HSS.
We used 4 strategically placed EV speakers driven by a Crown amp and a Pioneer DJM mixer with one Shure SM58 radio microphone and a cabled mic as a back up.The sound was more than adequate and was crisp and clear to the ear.
Neil (one of the teachers) was unfortunately a 'Chelsea supporter' played 'Liqidator' (that hijacked reggae monster tune)!! on his iPod Boo Sacrilege
The event despite the weather was a cracking success. Th Greenwich mayor opened proceedings  the PA system worked a treat and everyone was happy. 
For all your PA system Outdoor sound system and Staging requirements contact us at

Wedding Hampton Court

6th July 2012 Hotel Mitre

Lovely wedding held at our resident Hotel Carlton Mitre Hampton Court Surrey.
Richard Lardman was our DJ there this night (our best Wedding DJ).
Using our best sound system complimented by disco lighting and lasers. All together a super mobile Disco We put on  a fine show. Small discrepancies about the timings but this did not distract from a great discos.
For all you mobile discos,DJ,Sound equipment hire requirements contact us at 

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Teen Party Chiswick

6th July 2012 Chiswick Teen Party

Andy Pandy (A1 Pro Entertainments best Teenager DJ & Disco) did a difficult disco for 20 or so 13 year old boys in Chiswick. Luckily a breakdance guy "broke" the ice with his expert demonstations of the now ancient dance craze break dancing. Andy put together a light show of LED lighting effects, lasers and Haze machine. The kids had a great time but this was helped by the mothers who had put a lot of thought and effort into the whole party
For all your mobile disco teen parties and general DJ requirements contact us at

Street Dance Eastbourne

5th July 2012 Eastbourne Town Centre

'Education First',  a foreign Language organisation were holding an event outside the Arndale shopping centre in the pedestrianised area of Eastbourne. The event was designed to cock a snoot at their German based rival organisation.
We delivered a Battery powered PA system for the event simply linking two speakers with an iPod playing one David Guetta dance tune which 300 hundred foreign students danced to simultaneously. Sven the organiser was nervous (understanably so) Having to organise 300 students to dance to one tune at 12.30p.m on the dot takes a lot of doing plus he had not got permission from the local council to do it!. The hired sound system worked a treat, the sun was out. i ate in the local "Jimmy Witherspoons" and enjoyed visiting Eastbourne
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Wednesday 4 July 2012

DJ equipment HIre Caterham Surrey

30th June 2012 Sound system Hire Caterham

The Fuller's pub King & Queen in the High Street Caterham Surrey were holding a fun day for "Help for Heroes" and needed a sound system for announcements and music.
We hired 2 speakers  and a basic CD set up including an Allen & Heath mixer and 2 Numark NDX400 CD players with of course a microphone. After all that the stand in DJ was mainly using iPods. Lindsay the manager was busy getting the bouncy castle - the hog roast and a few other attractions ready for the day
It was meant to be between 12.00-6.00p.m but went on well after 8.00p.m.
For all you DJ equipment Sound systems and DJ requirements in the Surrey area contact us at

PA Corporate Greenwich Davenport House

30th June 2012 PA System & Up lighters Hire Greenwich

This was an event held by ""Buy Time - Live Life" who try to provide services for overworked executives. The event was held at The Davonport Hotel in Greenwich.
It was a basic PA Hire set up with Desk mixer Speakers and radio microphone with a back up cabled mic on a stand. The room was small and did not really need the voices to be amplified and as the turnout was less than expected the need for amplification was decreased even further.
There were 2 banners standing either side of the screen which some of the presenters had been using for their Powerpoint presentations. We used two LED floor standing uplighters on a slow colour fade setting to highlight the banners. In the other room where the event was also taking place there were two Musicians Tara London (who were excellent) and we used another two Par can uplighters to give them a atmospheric backdrop. Incidentally they were using a brilliant sound set up known as the 'Yamaha Stage PAS system'. I was so impressed that  I am buying one of these PA Systems today!
The whole event was very professionally serviced by our company and was told so by Michelle (the organiser)
For all your corporate events PA System Hire and Sound hire requirements please contact us at

Tuesday 3 July 2012

School Prom Party Hotel Mitre Hampton

28th June 2012 Hotel Mitre Party Prom

This school Prom party was a mixture of teachers and pupils , no alcohol permitted . Well you know what teachers are like!
'Andy Healer' was the DJ on the night. He played a mixture of music -  cheese, club, Indie, Oldies etc. Kept the crowd dancing which is all you can ask for when you are entertaining two different generations of people
A successful evening , the highlight been a student pushed in the Thames and surfacing with his drink still in his hand pointing skywards

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Lighting Hire Kennington London

26th June 2012 Lillian Baylis School Kennington Lighting Hire

The school is named after a 19th century bornTheatre Manager whom amongst her charges were no less than the Sadlers Wells Theatre. Partially responsible for the careers of Lawrence Olivier and John Gielgud!
Well not quite as arty but the school was holding a School prom disco and required some lighting from us. We supplied the following lighting effects: 2 x Impossibled lighting effects - 1 strobe light - 1 Haze machine and a small cluster laser. The hall used for the disco was actually the school gym. Capacious and with high ceilings the lights were ample for the job without stretching the budget of this Inner London secondary school
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Monday 25 June 2012

Outdoor Pa Hailsham East Sussex

Outdoor PA System 23rd June 2012 Halisham East Sussex

Venue: Halisham Community College East Sussex
Event: Activities in the Community Day
Sound Equipment Requirements: Full PA system and zoned speaker area inmcuding
 8 x EV passive speakers Pioneer DJM mixing desk Shure SM58 Radio micropghone
All leads and cablinmg. Set up and collection
The Day: Arrived early to set up ,most of the sound equipment was going on a 1st Floor balcony overlooking the school playing fields where all the activities were going on. Archery Local police, Bouncy castles etc etc . George - a teacher from the school was organising me and a lot of other suppliers.
The deputy mayor arrived at 11.00p.m to officially open the event. I left to grab myself a breakfast at the 'Bay Diner' in Pevensey Bay (fave place of mine). Returned later to take down all the equipment with the generous help of three young pupils
George was delighted with the sound equipment and our PA Hire service  promising that they would definitely be using us again

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Dance Floor Disco Godalming Surrey

Dj with Disco & Dance Floor 22nd June 2012

Venue was the Manor House Hotel Godalming
Event was a corporate party for the WWF
Requirements: Mobile Disco with DJ including a sound system and light show
5 x 5 Parquet dance floor with aluminium edging

Richard Dogman was our DJ this night he also set up and delivered the sound system and laid the Dance Floor . All went really well . The crowd responded to Richard's music and he aws warly clapped at the end of the evenings entertainment

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PA Hire London Islington

PA Hire - Lectern Hire - Staging Hire London 18th June 2012

This event was organised by the Islington Carers - event taking place in London EC1 at a Community centre

They used all the equipment that one might require for a corporate event.

 A  2 x 1 metre portable stage. A stage lectern with a AKG condenser microphone
Small PA system that was composed of a 10 channel Dynacord mixer, 2 x Electrovoice speakers , a wireless microphone for a Q & A and a cabled microphone as a back up.
Set up was early in the morning (to avoid traffic). Left all the sound equipment equipment working in the organisers capable hands
We collected all the equipment later that afternoon. The people who booked us were very complimentary on the equipment and the service required.

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Wedding Disco Hotel Mitre

Wedding Disco Hotel Mitre 16th June 2012

We provided a DJ and disco equipment for another wedding at the beautiful Hotel Mitre in Hampton Court Surrey

The DJ Andy Spirit played all the music for the Wedding celebration of Laura & William. The Hotel Mitre 's terraced area is where most of the wedding guests congregate on a lovely Summer's evening . A s the weather this Saturday was a bit hit and miss, the guests were mainly in the Pavilion area but this of course means that the atmosphere is improved as there are more people concentrated in the area where of course the dancing takes place.
We used  a full sound system with an attractive light show. Music playing between 8.00 - 12.00 midnight
Music as you'd expect at a Wedding Disco was mixed and lively - in fact it even went a bit clubby towards the end
In any event the couple and the guests had a night to remember

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Karaoke Hire Woking Surrey

16th June 2012 Karaoke Hire

We hired out a CD based karaoke system inc a Karaoke player,TV, Lights and microphones.
Set up outside in a sheltered are of the garden once the Sat Nav had found the house that is!
Making sure that the hired karaoke system had a connection to their laptop to ensure music was playing in between the Singers
A straightforward job with the customers very happy on our excellent service

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PA Hire London

June 12th 2012 Wandsworth, London

This was a sound hire job fro a film company that were wanting music during the shoot
Typical film company, wanted to pay the least money possible while earning fortunes them selves!
Easy set up 2 x Mackie SRM 450s Pioneer DJM 600 mixer all leads and cables . We delivered set up and collected the hired sound system .Despite my little moan about the parsimony of film companies. These guys paid straightaway - no nonsense

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Outdoor PA Syustem Epsom

June 8th 2012 Outdoor PA Hire

A very windy day on Rosebery Park in Epsom was the location for a fun day organised by the Rosebery Housing Association
Got there early with colleague Mr. Dolphin and proceeded to set up a 2K sound system with monitors for the various acts performing at the event. Using 4 passive speakers driven by a Crown amp - 2 x 15"" sub bass speakers and 2 Mackie SRM 450s which were used as monitors . Soundcraft desk - Radio microphone and connection for iPod
The day despite the inclement weather was a success and the sound although buffeted by the wind was OK for the day's proceedings.
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Thursday 7 June 2012

DJ Equipment Hire City of London

DJ Equipment Hire Clerkenwell  London 24th May 2012

This was a corporate event been held by Boss Design at their showroom in Clerkenwell for thier clients. Natalie Murray (the Boss's daughter) who has successfully deejayed all her life booked me and seemed to run most of the event.
The event was significant inasmuch it was the 1st job undertaken in my brand new van . It was also crowned by the fact it got its 1st parking ticket!!! No prisoners are taken in the City of London.
This was a significant DJ equipment hire . We provided the equipment : 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000s,2 x Technics 1210 s,DJM 800 mixer Crown MacroTech  amplifier, 4 x EV SX 300 speakers 1 DB Technologies 800 watt active bass unit.1 x Mackie SRM 450 monitor on a tripod. We even provided a 6ft trestle table
Natalie had paid us to collect the DJ equipment the following day so as not to the clients when the event finished that night.
Sounded great and the evening was a big success

For all your DJ equipment hire CDJ Hire Technics 1210 hire Speaker Hire DJ Hire Contact us at

Chelsea FC Asain Star Outdoor PA

Outddor PA Hire Chelsea F.C. 26th May 2012

Amazing job for us. Did a recce and met the Chelsea staff at the famous Cobham training ground (Mr. Roman Abramovich has a lot of money!). We discussed a suitable sound system for their "Asian Star" event which was an event where the Club are trying to encourage young British Asians to play football.
So myself Joe and young Ritchie Welsh arrived early Saturday morning to set up the sound system. Using  a Dynacord Powermate mixer, Crown amplifier and 4 EV speakers on stands . A Shure SM58 radio microphone and lead for their iPod (which apparently had an hours worth of music on a loop -the event was an all-dayer!). The speakers and the control area were situated on a balcony on one of the seemingly many pavilions within the huge training ground complex. Ritchie stayed with the equipment basically to operate and babysit the PA equipment. He did however got dragged into making the usual announcement  about lost children etc.
Joe Nicholson (one of the Chelsea backroom staff)  wrote a very nice email praising our contribution to the event which had been a brilliant success

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PA System Hire Woolwich School

Outdoor PA System 30th May 2012  Woolwich School

Regular clients of ours these days 'Cardwell Primary School' in Woolwich"
This was an event for the pupils of the school celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee
Anna Sullivan is the teacher who books us . Arrived nice and early to set up a straightforward sound system for their event which was been held in the playground. Using 4 x EV SX300 speakers with crown amplifier driving them. A Pioneer DJM mixer was used as they only required the one radio microphone and facility to play their iPod thru the mix was provided too.
The sound system was used for a 2 hour period and with not enough time to go home I strolled into Woolwich , had some lunch, went to 'Poundland' and then crossed the river on the ferry  - yes I did return. 12 crossings an hour and taking about 30 vehicles on each trip. Yes I was a little bored.
Returned to the school just as the rain came down. The staff had already sent the kids inside and tarpaulinned my sound equipment. Thank you Cardwell .
Very successful day. Unfortunately on the way hone as approaching Junction 2 on the M25 I remembered I had left my Diary in a plastic bag in the playground. Shit!
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Outdoor PA Jubilee Event Northwood

Outdoor PA June 2nd at Northwood F.C.

Up and nice and early arriving at Northwood F.C in Herts at 8.30a.m. This was a large outdoor PA system that we hired to a group organising a big fun Day for the local community.
We used a Mackie mixing desk that was brand new ( took a little getting used to !) 4 FOH speakers with a supplementary 800 watt sub bass and amplification. Two Mackie SRM450 stage monitors and two zoned speakers for a second arena  that was about 20 metres away form the main arena where the stage had been set up. Six SM58 microphones on stands that were ostensibly going to be used for a choir  and lastly two radio microphones. We sound checked and left the organisers happy with the  system running. The weather largely held out for the day and all the acts etc were warmly appreciated. by the spectators and there were no hitches with the equipment. Luckily Tim (organiser) and his colleague were previously lighting engineers and were able to operate the sound equipment satisfactorily.
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Tuesday 15 May 2012

Digital kaaroke Hire Oxford Street London

Digital Karaoke Hire Oxford Street 10th May 2012

We were to deliver a karaoke system to an office address in Argyle St off Oxford St, London before 11.00a.m in order to avoid parking charges. Andy the delivery guy arrived late so we had to get a dispensation order to enable us to park after that time and luckily Westminster Council duly obliged.
We set up our 11000 song Digital Karaoke system complete with Behringer Mixer, Shure SM58 microphones and EV speakers. Songbooks and request slips were provided. We also set up a 14" HD flat TV screen on a stand for the singers with a small 8" x 5 " monitor TV for the host.
Andy picked up the rented Karaoke system later that night. Their evening was a huge success thanks to the high quality of the equipment provided

For all your Karaoke PA  DJ equipment sound and lighting requirements please see us at

DJ equipment Hire Camberley

12th May 2012 Sound equipment Hire Camberley

We hired out the following sound and light system to a private address in Camberley.
Small marquee in the garden we installed 2 x EV speakers on tripods a Numark Mixer/iPod docking unit with a Crown amp driving the passive EVs . We also provided 2 x Martin mirror scanner lighting effects. The hired speaker system sounded great and there was more than enough volume .
We picked up the rented sound and lighting equipment on Sunday , well Barnaby Blackman (my son ) did
Customers were very happy with our service

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Karaoke with Compere Alfriston East Sussex

14th May 2012 Devonport House Hotel Alfriston East Sussex

This was an event for some of the BUPA employees based in Brighton . A corporate 'wind down' if you like
After dinner, the 15 or so employees came into the main function suite at the delightful Devonport House Hotel with fantastic views of the South Downs .
Party started at 8.30p.m. It was a full Karaoke set up . TV screen  Karaoke player Speakers Microphones with LED lighting creating a nice backdrop  where the singers were performing .No shy employees here at this corporate event. All enthusiastic and ready to go. No shortage of singers all night. In fact they asked us to stay on and compere the event for an extra hour taking us up to Midnight! One girl called Nicole particularly excelled singing an Amy Whinehouse number.
Quick personal observations . They really were an easygoing crowd and very appreciative at the finish but the icing on the cake for me was that the Hotel served Harvey's Best Bitter. Hotels at best will serve John Smith's awful beer . So pleasant surprise for a sad real ale fanatic like myself

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Monday 30 April 2012

Karaoke Event Kilburn London

Karaoke night KIlburn Pub 26th April 2012

This was an event that took place in an Irish pub called "The Coribb" in kIlburn for a company called Chellozone. Darius Dodd was the guy who booked our Karaoke services for the party
which was run on the same lines as "Britain's Got Talent " with a panel of Judges, a film crew and of course our Karaoke system including the PA ,Radio Mic for the host and extra lighting.
The panel of judges even had a Simon Cowell ''sound a like'' and ''comment a like'' called Richard Cowell!
Five entries, most singing awfully. It was a tongue in cheek event which was run very well with plenty of good humour knocking around. Good pub grub was served halfway thru the event before the judges and their final decisions (more banter following). After the winner was declared . I then hosted the rest of the evening which was basically a free for all karaoke .

Using a Dynacord desk mixer, Karaoke player, 2 x TV sceens on the stage along with a wedge monitor, 4 x SM58 microphones on stands,  EV speaker PA system, 1000's of songs to choose from, request slips. The evening was faultless.

For all corporate and private Karaoke events with Karaoke equipment hire options please contact us at

Karaoke with compere London

26th April 2012 Grange Hotel St Paul's London

We were working for the event company Storm Events and were asked to supply a Karaoke system with an operator.
We arrived early afternoon and supplied a digital Karaoke system with a Behring mixer and two radio microphones along with a 14" flat TV screen on its own stand. The event company supplied the PA system and also managed to plug in to a 3m x 2 meter screen that just happened to be in the room where part of the event was taking place.
Richie Lassie was the Karaoke  compere for the evening
Storm Events were very happy with A1 pro Entertainments contribution to the night.
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Monday 23 April 2012

DJ equipment Hire Berkshire

DJ Equipment Hire Holyport SL2

A straightforward DJ equipment hire to a private address in the little known Holyport which is off the M4 going towards Reading
The hirer provided a pair of Technics 1210's and a slightly 'iffy' Vestax mixer. We  hired the client an  amplifier speakers, radio microphone  and a sub bass unit. We ran a lead for their iPod connection .
The sound equipment was set up in their marquee . Power was supplied so we were able to sound check and once the customers were happy left for our next sound rental task!
For all your sound and lighting equipment hire requirements please contact us at

DJ equipment hire London WC2

CDJ Hire - One Aldwych London

We were delivering a CDJ Sound package to the Axis restaurant situated in the basement of a prime located Hotel (One Aldwych) near The Strand.
Parking was not as awful as we expected and the access, thanks to an extremely helpful Porter (unusual in West End hotels ) was relatively good considering we had corridors and lifts to negotiate
We hired the following items (to a  Natalie Murray of Boss Design who in her spare time DJs) 2 x CDJ 1000's - Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer - 1 x C.Audio Amp - 2 x EV SX 300 speakers - 1 x 400 watt sub bass unit - 2 x Martin lighting effects - microphone and all stands, leads and cables. Joe my helper stayed in the van on 'Traffic Warden watch' whilst I assembled and sound checked the equipment. There was an attractive but assertive restaurant manageress making sure everything was positioned to her liking. Nice room off the main restaurant was where the hired DJ equipment was placed.
Joe returned later that evening to collect the sound and lighting equipment but he had a little moment . "Could'nt find the place" despite been there earlier and having a Sat Nav. - I at home in pyjamas!! I ended up guiding him over the phone whilst holding a magnifying glass against the pages of a tiny London A-Z atlas. All in a days work I guess. Very happy customers so all good
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Thursday 19 April 2012

PA System Blackheath

6th April 2012 Blackheath

Andy Apron (An A1 Pro employee) helped me provide a battery operated sound system for a religious service held for a gathering on Good Friday on Blackheath common.
Arrived early and set up two battery operated speakers on tripods . We also provided a radio microphone with  microphone stand.
The service lasted less than an hour so it was a relatively easy job all told
The clients were very happy with the the rented PA system that we provided

For all your PA System and sound hire requirements please see us at

Monday 16 April 2012

Karaoke system Hire Surrey

Karaoke Hire 14th April 2012

Last minute Karaoke Hire at a private address in Walton on Thames.
A simple but effective Digital Karaoke hire set up. Used a Media hard drive with 11,000 songs on it and ran it through the customer's laptop which was placed so the the singers could easily read from it. Ran the sound into a 4 channel Behringer mixer with reverb effects for the microphones. Used a couple of DB Technologies active speakers . We also supplied 1 x LED lighting effect . Oh and the SM58 microphones!
This was a successful simple hire and the client was so pleased that he  booked our Karaoke equipment for a Diamond Jubilee event
For all your Karaoke hire DJ equipment and Sound hire requirements please see us at

Karaoke with Operator

14th April 2012 karaoke Hire

Wired Events booked us for a 'social' for 'DHL has got Talent evening' at Hemel Hempstead Cricket Club 
Arrived really early to set up Karaoke equipment using a Karaoke player Dynacord 10 channel mixing desk Radio mics and a small flat TV screen on its own stand pus of course 2 x Electrovoice speakers . I also put a small laser light projecting on to the 'DHL's got Talent' backdrop .
Neil form DHL was filming some of the acts and set up his mini camcorder on a  tripod .
I went off and sampled some of Hemel's takeaway restaurants before returning at about 7.00p.m
The evening was slow bit it did end up been a party thanks to the copious amounts of alcohol been consumed by the party goers.The singing was consistently mediocre but a girl called Paige more than held her own.
Although the job was meant to be an 'operator only' I did end up compering and running the evening, a little begrudgingly admittedly as I was somewhat unprepared for this new assignment.
Midnight finish and a long drive hone after a long day
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Wednesday 28 March 2012

karaoke with Operator East Midlands

Karaoke with Operator DHL Castle Donnington March 23rd 2012

I personally covered this event for "Wired Events" based in London . DHL are holding an internal "DHL has got Talent" competition. The acts all taken from DHL employees. They  are filmed  interviewed and then judged at a later date by the Film crew and 'Wired Events' . The Finalists will eventually be going into a head to head at  a later date to be voted/judged by their colleagues.
I travelled up to Castle Donnington (which is by East Midlands airoprt. DHL 's main operation is here as well)
Stayed in a delightful B & B the evening before  the event. Next day early rise and to work
Another company had laid on the PA system and cameras etc. I just supplied the Karaoke system so the competitors could sing along to backing tracks if they were not doing their own thing.
It was  a long day with big gaps between the acts. (Some  that could only be descibed as excruciating)
However there were at least a couple of very good artists (both had their own guitars ). However there was one common denominator for all the acts and that was nerves and there were heaps of them.
A long day 8.00 a.m. to 6.30.p.m and then a drive home back to London. Obviously we all kept each other amused and this heped the day go a little faster.
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Wedding Disco Hotel Mitre March 2012

17th March 2012 Wedding DJ Hotel Mitre

Andy Dolphin was the DJ at the Hotel tonight picked from our professional team of excellent DJs
Andy has had many years from Deejaying at Weddings and his bubbly and humorous personalty plus his skill in selecting 'feel good' music makes all his discos successful and tonight was no exception. The Bride and Groom and all their guests enjoying the Hotel Mitre and its DJ.

For all your deejaying Mobile Discos and sound equipment hire requirements Please conatct us at

DJ equipment Hire Savoy London March 2012

16th March 2012 DJ Equipment Hire

The Law Society of London (the student branch) were holding a ball at the Savoy Hotel in Westminster London on a Friday night. Matt who was the guy who booked us for the DJ equipment hire negotiated the sound and lights required for the event. We hired the following equipment for the event  - 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk 3 CD players - Pioneer DJM 800 mixer - Crown Macrotech 2400 amp driving 4 x EV SX 300 speakers - 2 x DB Technologies Opera Sub bass units rated at 800 watts each.-  4 x Martin Scanner effects - 2 x laser units and 4 x Par can up lighters.
The access to the Savoy is relatively simple - we were set up in 'The Queen Mothers Room.' My friend Dick Irish was helping me out on this occasion . We almost arrived late as my colleague wanted to take  a diversion to Shepherds Bush on the way?. A little complicated when we arrived as unbeknown to us there was a Band in situ on the stage which is where we had anticipated  was where we were going to be! Plus the band went thru our PA! Again this was news to us! The guys at the Law Society were so helpful etc - it was not a problem to accomoadate these belated deamnds . Mr Irish then also learnt the the rig was to be picked up at Three in the morning as opposed to 2 o'clock which had been originally agreed. A bottle of wine and a small charge soon sorted out this problem however. The sound was great and lights looked brilliant as well.

Happy customers
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Monday 12 March 2012

Karaoke hire Wimbledon London

10th March 2012

A basic cheap Karaoke system hire at a private address in Wimbledon. Mr. Sausage delivered the equipment incuding a TV, Speakers, Karaoke CD consoe,l microphones and disco lights to a private address in Wimbledon
Mr. Sauasge was unable to collect the equipment as we had vehicular problems so Mr. Dolphin picked it up . He turned up to collect the gear but no one at home -wasted journey. Not all goes according to plan in our business

Please contact us for all your Karaoke and disco sound hire requirements at

DJ equipment Hire Dorking Surrey

10th March 2012

We hired out the following DJ equipment hire a Pair of EV  speakers and sub bass unit - DJM 600 mixer and two LED lighting effects to a private party held at the Friends Provident Club in Dorking Surrey. We delivered the sound system early that afternoon and set up the speakers lights etc when we arrioved there
For all your sound system and light requirements see us at

Friday 24 February 2012

PA System Hire Park Lane Hilton

20th February 2012

The venue was the infamous Park Lane Hilton nr. Hyde Park London . Blink Productions were running the event .
The Staging, lighting and star clothed drapes (which incidentally cloaked all 4 walls of the 35 x 25 meter room) Cocktail bar with a 2 meter deep black tiled and disco lighted floor were all supplied from other sources.
We at A1 Pro Entertainments were providing  the PA system for the DJ and an acoustic Duo .
Marc from Blink Productions wanted surround sound that was essentially for background effect. In total we used 8 EV SX 300 speakers equally spaced around the main room and the Ante Room, powered by the awesome Crown Macro Tech amps . Shard the DJ supplied the control (Mixer and CD decks ) This was plumbed into  the master Desk we were using that night, namely a Soundcraft EFX 14. Myself and Barney exacted the installation which was made easier by the fact that all the long cable runs could be hidden behind the drapes . The Musicians were unfortunately placed a good 20 metres from the control area. We ran one monitor speaker for them and DI'd their guitar.The singer who was fantastic ( did not get her name) used  a radio microphone. For Shard (the DJ) we gave him a Mackie SRM 450 for a monitor (Spoilt)! and a sub bass just so that he could have a bit of bottom end . The sound was good and everyone seemed happy
The shenanigans involved in the Loading bay area /Security Guys obviously caused a problem or two but for once I managed to complete a London delivery and set up and not get ticketed or pay some OTT parking fee

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Sunday 19 February 2012

Mobile Disco Hampton Court Surrey

18th Feb 2012 Hampton Court Surrey

As we are getting some photos ready for showing on our website we set up some extra lighting effects to compliment the disco lights that we already use at the venue which is our regular work place "The Carlton Mitre". So besides 2 intelligent lighting effects and a small cluster laser we also used 4 RGBW (Red Green Blue White) Par 64 Par Can up lighters and an extra laser light. The results were brilliant making the dancing area of the Pavillion room look like a mini Night Club. The DJ (Julian English) used a Twin Denon CD player with a QSC amplifier driving 2 Electrovoice SX 200's
Tonight's event was a 50th birthday party and was attended by  a mixed group of about 40 people. Most propel danced and an eclectic mix of music was played to the diverse range of guests present
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Thursday 16 February 2012

PA Sound sytems Hire Battersea Power Station

15th February 2012 PA System Hire

A multiple sound system hire for a company called 'Blink Productions' who were putting together a promotional film shoot for the SSX Play Station Snow Boarding game at Battersea Power Station London.
We arrived about 10.45 am Wednesday morning with 4 Sound systems to install . Each comprised of 2 speakers, desk mixer and a CD player. We used a combination of brands and models. Specifically  Electrovice SX 300 speakers, Mackie SRM 450 Speakers, Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD players and Pioneer DJM mixers . All the set ups were identical in as much as they all had 2 x speakers, 1 x Desk Mixer, 1 x CD player and an iPod connecting lead. Two PA systems were inside and two  were installed outside. One of the outside ones was up 10 flights of stairs below the chimney line of the Power Station, fortunately we were helped with the lugging! and rewarded by some spectacular views over London. The systems were to give the participants and the selected audience a sense of atmosphere during the filming . It seemed to do the trick according to the main event organiser Marc Davidson.
Myself and Barney very much enjoyed the interesting nature of the set up including looking at the inside of the old Power Station building imagining the huge turbines that would once have been housed here. It is now empty shell looking like a set from an apocalyptic futuristic city.
We picked up the sound systems later that night and watched some of the crew zooming down the 500 meter cable from the roof of the station down on to the purpose built platform situated on the ground level.
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Friday 10 February 2012

Karaoke Hire Camden London

6th Feb 2012

A small company staff party weer holding what can be only termed as a corporate event at the Adelaide Pub in Camden London on a Monday night . Barney the Bolt delivered a basic set up to the pub earlier in that evening. Using a Karaoke Cd based system comprising of 3 cabled microphones, Numark twin CD player, Flat TV screen, 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers, all stands and cables. 4500 songs on Karaoke discs with the appropriate song books and request slips for the customers. They operated the rented Karaoke equipment successfully and evidently all present enjoyed themselves
The event ran on quite late so Barney picked up the karaoke equipment the following day  which alas meant that we had to pay 2 lots of congestion charges.
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Tuesday 31 January 2012

DJ equipment Hire & Wireless Microphone Hire London

28th January 2012

A Chinese entrepreneur called Si Li (Silly) booked our company to provide a DJ based sound system with Radio microphones for a Charity Fashion show been held at the lovely Harbour Club Notting Hill West London
Our telephone conversations preceding the event were more like a haggling war in a street market " wot yor bes price" was the only words tthat I seemed to hear. Anyway we worked out a deal that seemed to suit both parties.
Arrived eventually (the Sat Nav did not seem to recognize Alfred Street (the address of te harbour club ) and waned to take us onto the Flyover . We consulted my dilapidated A-Z book and got there )
I had taken my 12 yr old son Arthy with me ( the prospect of seeing lots of beautiful models was a carrot that he found difficult to resist). We unloaded the van and took all the sound equipment and lighting effects into the lift at the club. It was on the 1st floor that the fashon show was taking place.
We used the following equipment at the event 2 x EV SX300 speakers- 1 x 400 watt DB sub bass unit, Dynacord Powermate 600 desk mixer, 3 x radio microphones , 2 x Numark NDX400 CD players (the German DJ was a joke and commmented that the CD players were rubbish and that he did not know how to work with them, this was made funnier as  earlier he had commented that he was a DJ and could work with anything put in front of him. There are a lot of DJs like this. To be fair Si Li (Silly) had not wanted to pay the extra cost involved for the superior Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk 3 CD players which most DJs prefer) Lastly we provided two LED lighting effects.
There were then the inevitable sound checks for the singers, a few dead batteries been exchanged for new ones on the wireless  microphones . On leaving the sound was good and the lights looked terrific. All good except for a highly strung DJ and Si-Li (Silly) who wanted to part pay then and part pay later. Had to remind him of our terms & conditions where all monies are paid on satisfactory completion of installation. Sigh

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Karaoke Hire Sutton Surrey

28th January 2012

We hired out a Karaoke system to a private address in Sutton near  North Cheam Surrey. Arrived early Saturday afternoon to set up. The equipment we hired out  was a CD Based one using the following gear. Twin CD Numark karaoke player. 2 x DB Opera speakers, 3 x Audio Technica Midnight Blue Microphones, 15" flat TV screen on a stand, a 3000 song catalogue of old and up to date songs, an iPod connection
On picking up the gear the next day after the God fearing family had attended church, it was evident that they had been more of a dancey crowd and had used their iPods for music as opposed to the Karaoke machine

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Karaoke Hire Heathrow Hotel West London

25th Jan 2012

Karaoke Hire with Operator

This was a corporate event for DHL held at the Park Inn Hotel Bath Road Heathrow on a Wednesday night
The event was been coordinated by a company called "Wired" They had hired a  karaoke system from us and an operator (me Jon Blackman) to work along side a film crew that were filming different employees from DHL singing their karaoke favourites . This was done in a studio type room away from the main event area where they had already been running a 'DHL has got Talent night'! I was working alongside a nice guy called Lucas who operating the PA System.After setting up and sound checking I had about 3 hours to kill. So off to the hotel bar where fortunately the match Man City vs Liverpool was playing - enjoyed a expensive pasta  whilst watching the 'footie'. The whole event was running late and we did not start shooting the Karaoke until 11.15.Finished about 12.45  A successful evening, all the sound and karaoke equipment was 100%. Everyone happy!
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Sunday 22 January 2012

DJ equipmet Hire London

DJ Equipment Hire 12th January 2012

The Tate Gallery have parties! This night they were having an informal event at the Grand Union Pub in Kennington London
. My colleague Andy Healer delivered and set up the hired Disco equipment
We used the following equipment 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers 1 x 400 watt sub bass unit and a Pioneer DJM mixer with a pair of Technics 1210's. They also hired a Haze machine (which is similar to a smoke machine but emits a diluted less dense smoke than traditional smoke machines that have the habit of setting off fire alarms
. All the equipment was safely and satisfactorily installed . Unfortunately we were there an hour and the Hazard lights that were left on had flattened the battery!! Great
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Karaoke Compere Surrey

Karaoke with compere 11th January 2012

A regular customer of ours is the Food Giant Unilever. Occasionally they have a 'wind down' karaoke evening after a conference of their young executives at the Four Acre site in Kingston Surrey.
I hosted the evening for a few hours on a cold Wednesday evening . A small number of around 20 persons were present. They were a lovely bunch of people all nationalities and an even split of the genders. Used a full Karaoke system including some disco lighting. All the usual songs were attempted although one brave executive did 'Paranoid ' by Black Sabbath and far from murdering the song he did it some serious justice.
 Really happy with what we did that night a complementary email arrived the following day.
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Karaoke Hire Kent South East England

Karaoke Hire Kent & South Eastern England 21st Jan 2012

Anti clockwise round the M25 onto the M26 near Sevenoaks is a place called West Malling . We had hired some Karaoke equipment to a lovely guy called Nick . It was his 50th party and the event was held at the West Malling Golf Club. Arrived at 5.30p.m to dekliver the Kataoke equipment . We used a 10 channel Dynacord Mixer Mixing desk, Numark Twin Karaoke CD player . 3 x Audio Technica microphones , a flat TV scren on it own stand, pair of Electrovoice SX300 speakers. Used an ipod connecting lead for Nick's laptop from the Desk Mixer,plus an LED Effect (Acme Matrix).The whole set up sounded and looked great. Picked up the Karaoke system next morning (back in time for a roast dinner) Another satisfied customer
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Karaoke HIre Surrey

Karaoke Hire 21st Jan 2012
A house karaoke system hire in Frimley Surrey. Quiet at the moment taking on anything!!
We hired a basic karaoke system that included speakers TV Led lighting effects A cataologue of new and Karaoke clasics (old & new). Delivery included and collection .
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Sunday 8 January 2012

Dj Disco and dance floor Hire London

7th January 2012

Our1st DJ job of 2012! A staff party for the employees of the East India Club, St.James Square London. They are literally our oldest customer - we have been providing discos at the club for over 30 years now.
We arrived early on that afternoon to set up the DJ equipment and the parquet Dance Floor.
We used a full Mobile Disco set up including LED lights, lasers, a sub Bass reinforced sound system and Denon mixers with CD players. The dance floor was 5 metres square with parquet tiles and aluminium edging. The staff kindly helped us to get the sound equipment and dance floor into the room where the party was taking place.
The staff had a sit down dinner before the commencement of dancing, all in the same room . The DJ Julian English was our DJ that night. It was a great evening helped by the fancy dress theme of "Olympics 2012"  and the good natured  mood that pervaded the evening by the staff attending the event.
One sour note - A parking ticket. I want to start a campaign " Stop taxing workers in London"
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Tuesday 3 January 2012

DJ equipment Hire London

31st December 2011 Shepherds Bush London
It was our first delivery of DJ equipment in London of the day .

The customer from Surrey Cricket Club required the following equipment: 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers on stands, 400 watt sub bass speaker, 2 x Technics 1210 turntables, Pioneer DJM 600 mixer, 2 x LED lighting effects . Haze smoke machine and microphone.
The venue was the old Shepherds Bush theatre in Uxbridge Road now more commonly used as a Library . There is a bar at the front of the building and this is where we set up the sound and light system.
The DJ equipment was picked up on Jan 2nd by Mr. Sausage our young driver/DJ

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