Sunday, 23 September 2012

PA System South London Stockwell

Sound hire Stockwell London 22nd Sept 2012

Stockwell community Festival Larkhall Park London was the event and location  which we were providing there different sound systems for hire all of them mainly been used for bands and musicians
A glorious day in South London set the scene for a trouble free day in South London.
Joe and I go there about 9.15 am. and started the 1st set up in the "Cavendish Arms Tent". We used our new JBL PRX635 1500 watt speakers for F.O.H. and the awesome 800 watt DB Technologies Opera Sub Bass 15 as well. Two Mackie SRM450s as stage monitors and the wonderful 22ch Mackie ProFX22 mixing desk. Using 4 SM58 with stands, a multicore running although the distance between the desk and singers was actually quite short and therefore not needed.All the bands were providing their own back-line stuff
The second marquee ("Peace Tent") had no stage. Here we used 2 x Mackie SRM450s as F.O.H with a smaller 400watt DB Technologies Opera sub bass 12 . Two active DB Opera 15's were used as stage monitors Sound craft EFX12 desk & 4 x Senheiser microphones with stands.
Both performing areas  were supplied with Behringer D.I Boxes
Lastly the 3rd set up was the easiest. Using the extremely versatile and compact Yamaha Stage PAS500 system and two AKG microphones for the acts that were performing that day.
Techically we had no problems save a few iPods that had some low bit-rate recordings on them and therefore sounded naff thru our PA systems
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Lighting Hire West London

Lighting hire Bayswater London 20th September 2012

Whiteleys (in their luxurious Odeon cinema called the 'Lounge') at Bayswater was the location for a lighting hire job that we were doing for a Vodafone corporate event.
The lighting was actually been used in one of the cinemas during the day before an actual film showing later that night.
They wanted 4 spotlights to illuminate a table that would have 4 persons chairing the conference.  Four LED parcan uplighters hired to give a colour fade wash on the blank cinema screen and the 'coup de grace' a couple of lasers hired to give a 'wow' factor effect at the end of the event.
Realy nic guys from Vodaphone and they paid in advance (very trusting set of souls). The guy from Whitelys on site was called Alex and whilst setting up he  treated my ears to some vintage Bowie tracks. You know my job is great sometimes .
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Radio Microphone hire London Projector Hire Streatham

Radio Mic rental & Projector Hire Streatham 15th Sept 2012

We hired out a dual receiver with two handheld radio microphones and a Benq projector with a  pull up screen to a guy called Gavin from the Pirate party who was running  a musical event in Streatham, South London  in a pub called the Horse & Groom.
Heard of the Pirate Party? No nor had I. Well they believe in a few ideas among them being the free distribution of digital music. I guess you should Google them to find out exactly what they stand for.
The hired AV and PA equipment all worked well and a short chat with Gavin at the back of the Pub on a lively night on Streatham High Road was the final part of what had been  a busy day for A1 Pro Entertainments
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21st Party Disco Hampton Court Surrey

Party DJ Hampton Court Surrey 15th September 2012

Mobile disco for a 21st party held in the restaurant area at the Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court
It was a smallish family and friends party. The girl who was called Isabel had sent over some favorites for our party DJ Doug Spurr to play. One of her faves was 54-46 was my number by Toots & the Maytals  which coincidentally was a fave of mine over 30 years ago! What taste.
The party ,once the meal had been eaten it was non-stop dancing to great music courtesy of A1 Pro Ents of course.
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Wedding DJ Hampton Court

Wedding Disco Hampton Court Surrey 15th September 2012

A full disco was provided for this Wedding party Disco by A1 Pro Entertainments at the Hotel Mitre Hampton Court
'These arms of mine' by Otis Redding was the 1st dance . What a choice!
Richie Bush deejayed and as usual turned in a sterling performance. Round of applause at the end
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Monday, 10 September 2012

Karaoke with Host Primrose Hill

6th September 2012 Karaoke with Host Primrose Hill

This was a corporate event holding a Karaoke night in pub called the Adelaide in Primrose Hill North London.
Andy Dolphin was the compere (he's great in getting guests to play around and join in the party) . The reason  I mention this was that the hirer wanted someone to get the party going and not to be a piece of furniture!
The Karaoke was eagerly awaited and the guests were not disappointed in our excellent Karaoke service
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Karaoke Hire Reigate Priory Cricket Club

Karaoke Hire Reigate Priory Cricket Club 8th September 2012

Booked quite late in the day Toby from the Reigate Cricket club hired our digital karaoke system 
for a 'bash' they were holding on Saturday night.
I delivered the hired  karaoke system early Saturday  evening , I was in no mood to rush as it was so hot and I took nearly 2 hours to set up . Mind you they wanted a full system including 4 SM58 microphones and  a radio mic for the host .
Met Toby the next day when collecting the karaoke system and apparently most people got drunk and had a great time. Which in a nutshell is what Karaoke is all about!
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Wedding Disco Hampton Court

Wedding Disco Hampton Court 7th September 2012

Another Wedding disco at the Hotel Mitre Hampton Court  Surrey as we all know is a residency for our company
The disco on a lovely warm night went down a storm which the DJ Rich Ireland getting a rapturous round of applause at the end of a memorable wedding disco
Our mobile Deejays always go down spectacularly at the Carlton Mitre . Why?  Easy I never ever compromise on which DJs I use at this beautiful venue.
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PA Hire Highgate School

PA Hire Headmaster's  Speech Highgate School 3rd Sept 2012

Third time that John Mullins from the Highgate School in Highgate has used our PA Hire service for the annual ''beginning of term' Headmasters speech.
The event takes place first thing Monday morning in a large Gym type building that doubles up as a sports venue for the general public although owned by this school in this North London suburb.
The PA system supplied consisted of the following a lectern, an AKG247  condenser microphone,Dynacord mixing desk, crown amplifier and six EVSX300 speakers strategically placed around the hall.
The sound was perfect and all the 1000 plus students were able to hear the Headmasters wonderful words - which they were, albeit I'm not convinced that the younger students would have fully grasped the content!
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Lighting/Staging Wimbledon AFC Band event

Lighting/Staging Kingsmeadow Football Ground 1st September 2012

Jim (the commercial manager at Wimbledon AFC) was promoting an event for the Kingsmeadow Football ground in Kingston Surrey involving the band "From the Jam" which did include Bruce Foxton.
We arrive a day early has Jim wanted to to prepare as best he could for what in the Kingsmeadow calendar is a big event
WE hired out a 5 meter x 2 meter portable stage plus an array of lighting effects which include the following 4 x PAR Cans floor up-lighters which were eventually used as par cans on the ceiling (not the floor),haze machine, Equinox megabar of LED flat par cans,2 x martin acrobats. Not all the effects were used ,evidently the band were moaning about this and that and even the new sound system (which was not ours) got some criticism.I have found over the year the ' techcos' and band members of smaller bands can be up their own -----. They seem to forget that once they were playing in front of 50 pissed students with a crap sound system and that'd be on a good night!!
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PA System Promotion London SE1

PA System Hire London SE1 28th August 2012

This event was been run by PIAS UK (who are a record didstibutor) at their offices in Bermondsey South East London.
The singer/songwriter 2Andy Burrows" originally form Razorlight .was doing a short set of song from his albums to about 30 members of the office staff .
We used a simple but brilliant PA system called the Yamaha Stage PAS 500 which is 500 watt self contained Band PA System literally wheeled in on a portable suitcase configuration with the addition of two Senhieser microphones and stands.
As this was a short gig I went off and picked up some equipment previously  hired out nearby ( fortuitously in Bermondsey) and returned to pick up the equipment hired out today. Luckily the gig was overrunning and therefore I had the opportunity to listen to the musician and he was very very good
The hirer was very happy with sound system supplied and all that needs to happen now is that we get paid!
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Disco Karaoke Combination Wapping

Disco Karaoke Combination Wapping 25th August 2012

This was a private party in a lovely house touching the river Thames in Wapping East London for a famous Sculptress.
Apparently Graham Norton is their next door neighbor!
Richie Bunn was the compere/DJ that night and he  drove up nice and early to set up all the equipment as the hirer did not want any distractions whilst the earliest of her guests arrived.
The karaoke with its updated catalogue of songs was more than adequate for the gathering . Speakers were EVs and I had to go up with a replacement pair as we had unknowingly used  a pair whose horns had been blown from the Eid event the week before. All part of the service!!
The disco karaoke went down a storm and the whole event was followed by a very complimentary email saying as much as well.
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"Eid" outdoor PA Events Goodmayes & Kingsbury

"Eid" outdoor PA Events Goodmayes & Kingsbury w/e August 18th 2012

Monty & Jalaal from 1Eid booked ourselves as they have done for the last 4 Eid events marking the end of Ramadan
Both PA systems that we hired out were both housed in huge marquees that could house 1000' of followers.
Kingsbury first in Fryent Park and then across London to Goodmayes near Stratford East London (full of takeaways this place) to the site which was a local schools playing field. We set up the PA systems on the Friday afternoon hiring a big VW Crafter van to take all the extra equipment required. The van was fantastic, economical and it is lovely to walk around in a van when you are sorting out the equipment.
We used for each set up a 2 x 2 meter portable stage which was appropriate for the number of speakers to be present.. A stage lectern with condenser microphone . We placed all the speakers at strategic intervals throughout the marquees. Using a pair of JBL PLX 535 s and 6 x EV speakers for each site. Sound was clear and adequate. Mixing desk and amplifiers were situated by the stages.
The systems were used for general announcements on the Saturday and on Sunday (which was the actual day of Eid) was used for prayer , fundraising and general announcements again.
All went well but the Friday of the Goodmayes set up, there was no generator for power and therefore we could not fully test and show the hirers how to use the PA. WE paid dearly for this omission as the equipment had not been used properly and five of my speakers had blown horns which may have been the result of excessive feedback on the microphones (which if we had had the opportunity to show the operation of the installed system would have very likely not happened.)
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