Monday, 16 July 2012

PA System Victoria Embankment Gardens

 Victoria Embankment Gardens PA Hire C.R.Y. July 15th 2012

A lovely Sunday morning in London ( a rare occurrence this year!) specifically the lovely Victoria Embankment Gardens on the Embankment near Hungerford Bridge.
The event was a fundraiser for C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young). A multiple person walk across 8 London bridges.
Several hundred people gathered in the Gardens at the Bandstand area where we had set up the PA System. WE used 4 x EV Speakers, Soundcraft 14 channel mixing desk, 1 x radio microphone and a Shure SM58 mic on stand. Their fitness (warm up ) instructor Kirk used his iphone through the sound system to play music during his warm up set. I installed the speakers etc with my 13 yr old son Arthur partly so he could experience London on a Sunday morning (Quieter).The good weather a positive plus!
The PA system worked perfectly . The whole event was quite moving especially as most of the attendees had a photo of their loved one printed on the back of their T. Shirts
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Outdoor PA Surrey Archery Association

14th July 2012 Outdoor PA Tolworth

A wet weekend in prospect but this bunch of Archery enthusiasts were holding  a National competition regardless at the Kingston University sports ground in Tolworth Surrey.
Arrived a day early to set up an outdoor sound system in the grounds of the playing fields where the competition was due to take place. Mark Preston was the event organiser on site. We had to have our sound system  taken over in a buggy across the soft grass. The groundsmen were every serious about their jobs and we were not allowed to take our van over to where the tents had been set up to accommodate the PA System. Using a sound desk, Shure SM58 radio microphone and 4 x EV SX 300 speakers driven by a C.Audio amplifier. A great clear sound putting the speakers facing different parts of the arena so an all round sound was achieved .
The event was a 2 day affair and except for one hours rain on the Saturday the event enjoyed acceptable weather
Organisers were very impressed by the service that they received
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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Outdoor Event Charlton London

Sports Day Charlton School London 6th July 2012

Charlton school in the London Borough of Greenwich looks after mentally and physically disadvantaged secondary age school kids.Today was their annual sports day
The weather was atrocious and when I got there at 8.30a.m.I anticipated that the event would be called off. Made of sterner stuff these guys! - the show went on. I waited whilst these poor fellows were erecting all the marquees/tents on the edge of the running track.
Today our hired outdoor PA System was to be powered by our brand new Honda 3KVa silent generator. It was its 1st outing and trouble free it was , better than some horrendous previous experiences I've had hiring dodgy generators from HSS.
We used 4 strategically placed EV speakers driven by a Crown amp and a Pioneer DJM mixer with one Shure SM58 radio microphone and a cabled mic as a back up.The sound was more than adequate and was crisp and clear to the ear.
Neil (one of the teachers) was unfortunately a 'Chelsea supporter' played 'Liqidator' (that hijacked reggae monster tune)!! on his iPod Boo Sacrilege
The event despite the weather was a cracking success. Th Greenwich mayor opened proceedings  the PA system worked a treat and everyone was happy. 
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Wedding Hampton Court

6th July 2012 Hotel Mitre

Lovely wedding held at our resident Hotel Carlton Mitre Hampton Court Surrey.
Richard Lardman was our DJ there this night (our best Wedding DJ).
Using our best sound system complimented by disco lighting and lasers. All together a super mobile Disco We put on  a fine show. Small discrepancies about the timings but this did not distract from a great discos.
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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Teen Party Chiswick

6th July 2012 Chiswick Teen Party

Andy Pandy (A1 Pro Entertainments best Teenager DJ & Disco) did a difficult disco for 20 or so 13 year old boys in Chiswick. Luckily a breakdance guy "broke" the ice with his expert demonstations of the now ancient dance craze break dancing. Andy put together a light show of LED lighting effects, lasers and Haze machine. The kids had a great time but this was helped by the mothers who had put a lot of thought and effort into the whole party
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Street Dance Eastbourne

5th July 2012 Eastbourne Town Centre

'Education First',  a foreign Language organisation were holding an event outside the Arndale shopping centre in the pedestrianised area of Eastbourne. The event was designed to cock a snoot at their German based rival organisation.
We delivered a Battery powered PA system for the event simply linking two speakers with an iPod playing one David Guetta dance tune which 300 hundred foreign students danced to simultaneously. Sven the organiser was nervous (understanably so) Having to organise 300 students to dance to one tune at 12.30p.m on the dot takes a lot of doing plus he had not got permission from the local council to do it!. The hired sound system worked a treat, the sun was out. i ate in the local "Jimmy Witherspoons" and enjoyed visiting Eastbourne
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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

DJ equipment HIre Caterham Surrey

30th June 2012 Sound system Hire Caterham

The Fuller's pub King & Queen in the High Street Caterham Surrey were holding a fun day for "Help for Heroes" and needed a sound system for announcements and music.
We hired 2 speakers  and a basic CD set up including an Allen & Heath mixer and 2 Numark NDX400 CD players with of course a microphone. After all that the stand in DJ was mainly using iPods. Lindsay the manager was busy getting the bouncy castle - the hog roast and a few other attractions ready for the day
It was meant to be between 12.00-6.00p.m but went on well after 8.00p.m.
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PA Corporate Greenwich Davenport House

30th June 2012 PA System & Up lighters Hire Greenwich

This was an event held by ""Buy Time - Live Life" who try to provide services for overworked executives. The event was held at The Davonport Hotel in Greenwich.
It was a basic PA Hire set up with Desk mixer Speakers and radio microphone with a back up cabled mic on a stand. The room was small and did not really need the voices to be amplified and as the turnout was less than expected the need for amplification was decreased even further.
There were 2 banners standing either side of the screen which some of the presenters had been using for their Powerpoint presentations. We used two LED floor standing uplighters on a slow colour fade setting to highlight the banners. In the other room where the event was also taking place there were two Musicians Tara London (who were excellent) and we used another two Par can uplighters to give them a atmospheric backdrop. Incidentally they were using a brilliant sound set up known as the 'Yamaha Stage PAS system'. I was so impressed that  I am buying one of these PA Systems today!
The whole event was very professionally serviced by our company and was told so by Michelle (the organiser)
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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

School Prom Party Hotel Mitre Hampton

28th June 2012 Hotel Mitre Party Prom

This school Prom party was a mixture of teachers and pupils , no alcohol permitted . Well you know what teachers are like!
'Andy Healer' was the DJ on the night. He played a mixture of music -  cheese, club, Indie, Oldies etc. Kept the crowd dancing which is all you can ask for when you are entertaining two different generations of people
A successful evening , the highlight been a student pushed in the Thames and surfacing with his drink still in his hand pointing skywards

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Lighting Hire Kennington London

26th June 2012 Lillian Baylis School Kennington Lighting Hire

The school is named after a 19th century bornTheatre Manager whom amongst her charges were no less than the Sadlers Wells Theatre. Partially responsible for the careers of Lawrence Olivier and John Gielgud!
Well not quite as arty but the school was holding a School prom disco and required some lighting from us. We supplied the following lighting effects: 2 x Impossibled lighting effects - 1 strobe light - 1 Haze machine and a small cluster laser. The hall used for the disco was actually the school gym. Capacious and with high ceilings the lights were ample for the job without stretching the budget of this Inner London secondary school
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