Wednesday, 28 March 2012

karaoke with Operator East Midlands

Karaoke with Operator DHL Castle Donnington March 23rd 2012

I personally covered this event for "Wired Events" based in London . DHL are holding an internal "DHL has got Talent" competition. The acts all taken from DHL employees. They  are filmed  interviewed and then judged at a later date by the Film crew and 'Wired Events' . The Finalists will eventually be going into a head to head at  a later date to be voted/judged by their colleagues.
I travelled up to Castle Donnington (which is by East Midlands airoprt. DHL 's main operation is here as well)
Stayed in a delightful B & B the evening before  the event. Next day early rise and to work
Another company had laid on the PA system and cameras etc. I just supplied the Karaoke system so the competitors could sing along to backing tracks if they were not doing their own thing.
It was  a long day with big gaps between the acts. (Some  that could only be descibed as excruciating)
However there were at least a couple of very good artists (both had their own guitars ). However there was one common denominator for all the acts and that was nerves and there were heaps of them.
A long day 8.00 a.m. to 6.30.p.m and then a drive home back to London. Obviously we all kept each other amused and this heped the day go a little faster.
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Wedding Disco Hotel Mitre March 2012

17th March 2012 Wedding DJ Hotel Mitre

Andy Dolphin was the DJ at the Hotel tonight picked from our professional team of excellent DJs
Andy has had many years from Deejaying at Weddings and his bubbly and humorous personalty plus his skill in selecting 'feel good' music makes all his discos successful and tonight was no exception. The Bride and Groom and all their guests enjoying the Hotel Mitre and its DJ.

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DJ equipment Hire Savoy London March 2012

16th March 2012 DJ Equipment Hire

The Law Society of London (the student branch) were holding a ball at the Savoy Hotel in Westminster London on a Friday night. Matt who was the guy who booked us for the DJ equipment hire negotiated the sound and lights required for the event. We hired the following equipment for the event  - 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000 mk 3 CD players - Pioneer DJM 800 mixer - Crown Macrotech 2400 amp driving 4 x EV SX 300 speakers - 2 x DB Technologies Opera Sub bass units rated at 800 watts each.-  4 x Martin Scanner effects - 2 x laser units and 4 x Par can up lighters.
The access to the Savoy is relatively simple - we were set up in 'The Queen Mothers Room.' My friend Dick Irish was helping me out on this occasion . We almost arrived late as my colleague wanted to take  a diversion to Shepherds Bush on the way?. A little complicated when we arrived as unbeknown to us there was a Band in situ on the stage which is where we had anticipated  was where we were going to be! Plus the band went thru our PA! Again this was news to us! The guys at the Law Society were so helpful etc - it was not a problem to accomoadate these belated deamnds . Mr Irish then also learnt the the rig was to be picked up at Three in the morning as opposed to 2 o'clock which had been originally agreed. A bottle of wine and a small charge soon sorted out this problem however. The sound was great and lights looked brilliant as well.

Happy customers
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Monday, 12 March 2012

Karaoke hire Wimbledon London

10th March 2012

A basic cheap Karaoke system hire at a private address in Wimbledon. Mr. Sausage delivered the equipment incuding a TV, Speakers, Karaoke CD consoe,l microphones and disco lights to a private address in Wimbledon
Mr. Sauasge was unable to collect the equipment as we had vehicular problems so Mr. Dolphin picked it up . He turned up to collect the gear but no one at home -wasted journey. Not all goes according to plan in our business

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DJ equipment Hire Dorking Surrey

10th March 2012

We hired out the following DJ equipment hire a Pair of EV  speakers and sub bass unit - DJM 600 mixer and two LED lighting effects to a private party held at the Friends Provident Club in Dorking Surrey. We delivered the sound system early that afternoon and set up the speakers lights etc when we arrioved there
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