Monday 25 June 2012

Outdoor Pa Hailsham East Sussex

Outdoor PA System 23rd June 2012 Halisham East Sussex

Venue: Halisham Community College East Sussex
Event: Activities in the Community Day
Sound Equipment Requirements: Full PA system and zoned speaker area inmcuding
 8 x EV passive speakers Pioneer DJM mixing desk Shure SM58 Radio micropghone
All leads and cablinmg. Set up and collection
The Day: Arrived early to set up ,most of the sound equipment was going on a 1st Floor balcony overlooking the school playing fields where all the activities were going on. Archery Local police, Bouncy castles etc etc . George - a teacher from the school was organising me and a lot of other suppliers.
The deputy mayor arrived at 11.00p.m to officially open the event. I left to grab myself a breakfast at the 'Bay Diner' in Pevensey Bay (fave place of mine). Returned later to take down all the equipment with the generous help of three young pupils
George was delighted with the sound equipment and our PA Hire service  promising that they would definitely be using us again

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Dance Floor Disco Godalming Surrey

Dj with Disco & Dance Floor 22nd June 2012

Venue was the Manor House Hotel Godalming
Event was a corporate party for the WWF
Requirements: Mobile Disco with DJ including a sound system and light show
5 x 5 Parquet dance floor with aluminium edging

Richard Dogman was our DJ this night he also set up and delivered the sound system and laid the Dance Floor . All went really well . The crowd responded to Richard's music and he aws warly clapped at the end of the evenings entertainment

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PA Hire London Islington

PA Hire - Lectern Hire - Staging Hire London 18th June 2012

This event was organised by the Islington Carers - event taking place in London EC1 at a Community centre

They used all the equipment that one might require for a corporate event.

 A  2 x 1 metre portable stage. A stage lectern with a AKG condenser microphone
Small PA system that was composed of a 10 channel Dynacord mixer, 2 x Electrovoice speakers , a wireless microphone for a Q & A and a cabled microphone as a back up.
Set up was early in the morning (to avoid traffic). Left all the sound equipment equipment working in the organisers capable hands
We collected all the equipment later that afternoon. The people who booked us were very complimentary on the equipment and the service required.

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Wedding Disco Hotel Mitre

Wedding Disco Hotel Mitre 16th June 2012

We provided a DJ and disco equipment for another wedding at the beautiful Hotel Mitre in Hampton Court Surrey

The DJ Andy Spirit played all the music for the Wedding celebration of Laura & William. The Hotel Mitre 's terraced area is where most of the wedding guests congregate on a lovely Summer's evening . A s the weather this Saturday was a bit hit and miss, the guests were mainly in the Pavilion area but this of course means that the atmosphere is improved as there are more people concentrated in the area where of course the dancing takes place.
We used  a full sound system with an attractive light show. Music playing between 8.00 - 12.00 midnight
Music as you'd expect at a Wedding Disco was mixed and lively - in fact it even went a bit clubby towards the end
In any event the couple and the guests had a night to remember

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Karaoke Hire Woking Surrey

16th June 2012 Karaoke Hire

We hired out a CD based karaoke system inc a Karaoke player,TV, Lights and microphones.
Set up outside in a sheltered are of the garden once the Sat Nav had found the house that is!
Making sure that the hired karaoke system had a connection to their laptop to ensure music was playing in between the Singers
A straightforward job with the customers very happy on our excellent service

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PA Hire London

June 12th 2012 Wandsworth, London

This was a sound hire job fro a film company that were wanting music during the shoot
Typical film company, wanted to pay the least money possible while earning fortunes them selves!
Easy set up 2 x Mackie SRM 450s Pioneer DJM 600 mixer all leads and cables . We delivered set up and collected the hired sound system .Despite my little moan about the parsimony of film companies. These guys paid straightaway - no nonsense

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Outdoor PA Syustem Epsom

June 8th 2012 Outdoor PA Hire

A very windy day on Rosebery Park in Epsom was the location for a fun day organised by the Rosebery Housing Association
Got there early with colleague Mr. Dolphin and proceeded to set up a 2K sound system with monitors for the various acts performing at the event. Using 4 passive speakers driven by a Crown amp - 2 x 15"" sub bass speakers and 2 Mackie SRM 450s which were used as monitors . Soundcraft desk - Radio microphone and connection for iPod
The day despite the inclement weather was a success and the sound although buffeted by the wind was OK for the day's proceedings.
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Thursday 7 June 2012

DJ Equipment Hire City of London

DJ Equipment Hire Clerkenwell  London 24th May 2012

This was a corporate event been held by Boss Design at their showroom in Clerkenwell for thier clients. Natalie Murray (the Boss's daughter) who has successfully deejayed all her life booked me and seemed to run most of the event.
The event was significant inasmuch it was the 1st job undertaken in my brand new van . It was also crowned by the fact it got its 1st parking ticket!!! No prisoners are taken in the City of London.
This was a significant DJ equipment hire . We provided the equipment : 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000s,2 x Technics 1210 s,DJM 800 mixer Crown MacroTech  amplifier, 4 x EV SX 300 speakers 1 DB Technologies 800 watt active bass unit.1 x Mackie SRM 450 monitor on a tripod. We even provided a 6ft trestle table
Natalie had paid us to collect the DJ equipment the following day so as not to the clients when the event finished that night.
Sounded great and the evening was a big success

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Chelsea FC Asain Star Outdoor PA

Outddor PA Hire Chelsea F.C. 26th May 2012

Amazing job for us. Did a recce and met the Chelsea staff at the famous Cobham training ground (Mr. Roman Abramovich has a lot of money!). We discussed a suitable sound system for their "Asian Star" event which was an event where the Club are trying to encourage young British Asians to play football.
So myself Joe and young Ritchie Welsh arrived early Saturday morning to set up the sound system. Using  a Dynacord Powermate mixer, Crown amplifier and 4 EV speakers on stands . A Shure SM58 radio microphone and lead for their iPod (which apparently had an hours worth of music on a loop -the event was an all-dayer!). The speakers and the control area were situated on a balcony on one of the seemingly many pavilions within the huge training ground complex. Ritchie stayed with the equipment basically to operate and babysit the PA equipment. He did however got dragged into making the usual announcement  about lost children etc.
Joe Nicholson (one of the Chelsea backroom staff)  wrote a very nice email praising our contribution to the event which had been a brilliant success

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PA System Hire Woolwich School

Outdoor PA System 30th May 2012  Woolwich School

Regular clients of ours these days 'Cardwell Primary School' in Woolwich"
This was an event for the pupils of the school celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee
Anna Sullivan is the teacher who books us . Arrived nice and early to set up a straightforward sound system for their event which was been held in the playground. Using 4 x EV SX300 speakers with crown amplifier driving them. A Pioneer DJM mixer was used as they only required the one radio microphone and facility to play their iPod thru the mix was provided too.
The sound system was used for a 2 hour period and with not enough time to go home I strolled into Woolwich , had some lunch, went to 'Poundland' and then crossed the river on the ferry  - yes I did return. 12 crossings an hour and taking about 30 vehicles on each trip. Yes I was a little bored.
Returned to the school just as the rain came down. The staff had already sent the kids inside and tarpaulinned my sound equipment. Thank you Cardwell .
Very successful day. Unfortunately on the way hone as approaching Junction 2 on the M25 I remembered I had left my Diary in a plastic bag in the playground. Shit!
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Outdoor PA Jubilee Event Northwood

Outdoor PA June 2nd at Northwood F.C.

Up and nice and early arriving at Northwood F.C in Herts at 8.30a.m. This was a large outdoor PA system that we hired to a group organising a big fun Day for the local community.
We used a Mackie mixing desk that was brand new ( took a little getting used to !) 4 FOH speakers with a supplementary 800 watt sub bass and amplification. Two Mackie SRM450 stage monitors and two zoned speakers for a second arena  that was about 20 metres away form the main arena where the stage had been set up. Six SM58 microphones on stands that were ostensibly going to be used for a choir  and lastly two radio microphones. We sound checked and left the organisers happy with the  system running. The weather largely held out for the day and all the acts etc were warmly appreciated. by the spectators and there were no hitches with the equipment. Luckily Tim (organiser) and his colleague were previously lighting engineers and were able to operate the sound equipment satisfactorily.
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