Thursday 24 April 2014

PA Islamic Conference Dec 2014

PA system for Islamic Event at the Connaught Rooms London 22nd December 2014

Biggest PA system hire set up we as a company have been invoved with. Essentailly several sound systems set up over five floors and in some instances, two set up within  two rooms of the floors.
Arriving at 5.00a.m.  The AV already in situ organized by Neil of Fig Tree Films . We set about the task of making sure there was audible sound in all the pre designated areas. Taking a sound link from the projectors/video players which were set up on all floors was reasonably easy. Had spent a couple of days planning the cable runs and speaker distribution so we were well prepared.
The main room where the lectures and talks were coming from was the area for the maon sound sytem. Using EV SX300 s for the hall area and the JBL PRX635's for the stage with Mackie SRM450 sound monitors. We supplied an enjineer for the day to operate the desk and control the miciophone volumes.
As with most big events - there can be problems which means thinking on your feet. Neil from the AV company had a cable that caught fire making a couple of rooms 'sound less'. One of my roadies fell violently sick and I had to call in a replacement. Got a parking ticket just for good luck (Appealed and won!) But at the end of the day the audio system and service provided by our company was faultless

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Disco & Karaoke Xmas Party

Disco and Karaoke Party night Westminster/Kingsway College 20th December 2013

Corporate Disco with DJ and a Karaoke with karaoke DJ is what we provided for the annual staff party here at this college in Vincent Square. Victoria. London
Richard Lardy managed the event setting up a full mobile disco with stunning lighting effects in the main dining roon hall area and then with the help of Rich Bakerman setting up a full karaoke system in a smaller ante-room. Both events running virtually simultaneosly.
Lovely crowd at this corporate college event where we annually perform. All present were very appreciative of our professionalism and our entertainment of course.
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Karaoke and Discvo

Karaoke with DJ Windsor 18th December 2013

Karaoke DJ for a corporate event at the Thai Silk restaurant in Windsor. This was a job we did for a small company Xmas party.
Straight forward enough, early evening set up before guests arrival and later on 2 hours filled with karaoke and music for slightly inebriated party goers
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Karaoke System Hire

Digital Karaoke Hire Old Haberdashians Borehamwood Herts 14th Dec 2013

Digital Karaoke Hire Old Haberdashians Borehamwood Herts 14th December 2013.
The famous old rugby club are regular customers of ours and a valued on  at that
Lovely guys and always treat our equipment well
Hiring a digital karaoke hard drive with over 11000 songs Desk Mixer, EV speakers, Shure SM58 mics, TV, Laser light, songbooks and request slips. Delivered that morning and collected the next day.
A little out of our manor but when you have such appreciative clients . Who cares!!
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Disco Equipment Hire in London 12th Dec 2013

Disco gear hire including the following: Pioneer CDJ 1000's Hire, DJM 800 mixer hire, JBL Speakers (PRX 635's),
Private hire at Draft Pub Tower Bridge. (Specialist in bottled ales - fantastic)
Delivered and installed late afternoon and collected that night. It was  a 'corpoarate' party and evidently a great success acording to the DJ that had hired the equipment from us.
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Party DJ Surrey

DJ for Party Xmas 2013

Mobile Disco from Surrey providing the entertainment at a 'Joiner' party held at the luxurious Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court
Lights sound and great music for the after dinner party at the beautifully sited Carlton Mitre.
Delighted guests and importantly delighted management as A1 Pro Entertainments pull out all the
 stops to ensure a memorable evening for all the paying guests
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PA Hire & Disco Equipment hire 26th November 2014

Hiring Pioneer CDJ 2000's with a Pioneer DJM800 mixer and JBL PRX 635 speakers plus a 800 watts sub bass for a corpoate event held on Clapham Common in a chill out area for the clients and pundits. Total output over 3k. DJ also required monitors which we supplied.
Three day hire with different DJs spinning the tunes ,
Smooth operation including the esay set up and pick up and happy customers from Oceans Live.
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Dj in Surrey

DJ in Surrey at Cheam Sports Club 22nd November 2014

Party DJ in Surrey playing the music at a 30th birthday celebration at Cheam Sports Club.
Normal sequence of events, sluggish start but after a few drinks the party rocked
Full sound system with a laser light show and mood uplighters to give the club room a 'clubby' feel
Very happy clients giving our DJ a well deserved tip for his successful choice of music
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Karaoke Hire Surrey

Karaoke system Hire in London 16th November 2014

Karaoke rental at private address in Twickenham. Supplying Flat TV screen, Speakers Mixing Desk laser light and 1000's of songs  for a private house party. Because we provide a quality sound system our customers are always very happy with our service. A good sound system can make even the most awful singer sound OK . Plus customers can plug their own iPods thru our excellent speaker system and listen to their own tunes (In case the Karaoke starts to wind down) It truly is a 'No brainer' and supplied at very good rates. For all you karaoke machine and Karaoke system requirements contact us at

PA for Speech Day

Audio Hire for Speeches in Highgate 11th November 2014

Speaker hire for Highgate School remembrance day (held in the playground)

Over 800 students attending. Needed to make sure the churchman headmaster and choir could be heard . Quite a challenge when we had just under the hour to set up and rain threatening!
EV speakers, boundary mics, Static mics, Mic stands, Desk & Amplification, lots of cables but all neatly set up and no complaints . Good clear sound with everyone including those at the back able to hear.
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CDJ 1000 Hire London

CDJ 1000 hire London 7th November 2014

Rental for full PA with CDJ 1000's and DJM 800 mixer in Triton Square London for top female DJ Natalie Murray
Cold November evening. Venue not ready for us!! Me and Andy hung out for a while. We were missing a figure of eight mains laed so went down Tottenham court road to buy one. Fleeced for £11.00 at PC World. Set up gear outside on pavement! The hires dragged it in after we left. Not how we like to do things at A1 Pro Entertainments but left little choice as venue was not ready for us.
All equipment worked excellently with JBL PRX 635's Mackie SRM4500 for monitor and of course Pioneers CDJ 1000's and DJM 800. Difficult to go wrong really!.
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