Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dj Mobile Disco Golf Club

17th September 2011. We provided a DJ and equipment at Wycombe Heights Golf Clob for a 40th Birthday . We delivered the disco equipment in the afternoon so that the Host (Steve) could play his own tunes thru his iPod out of our sound system.
We used a Twin Denon CD player with a 4 channel Denon mixer built into the CD console. Pair of Mackie SRM 450 speakers and a DB Technologies 400 watt sub bass unit. 2 x Impossibled LED lighting effects and a small cluster laser. This was ample for the room's dimensions
Our DJ (Uncle Duggie - nickname ) had to cater for two quite diverse crowds. One set were into Retro house music and the other group were into 'cheesey stuff' . He pulled thru unscathed - despite the party going on to 1.45 in the morning. Quite unusual for a Golf Club party to go on this late into the morning.
Steve (the host) gave Uncle Duggie a generous tip. We got this one just right!!
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Sunday, 11 September 2011

DJ equipment Hire Chiswick 10th Sept

The venue was "Carvassos" on the High Road Chiswick. Not a great place to deliver as traffic is horrendous down the High Road as anyone who uses this route will testify to, plus Traffic wardens floating around like killer butterflies!
Delivering a "Technics 1210's" sound package which along with the industry standard record decks included a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer , 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers on stands , 1 x SM58 microphone,  cable for an iPod/laptop connection and all relevant cables and leads. Upstairs - groan! (free gym workout mind you) to a nice room in what appeared to be a jolly nice restaurant all told with its very usable function room..
Sound checked with some vinyl (always nice to hear the audio quality of vinyl as opposed to the now nearly ubiquitous sound of compressed MP3 files!) and then left after getting paid by client
Another job done another satisfied customer.
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Karaoke Hire HMS Belfast 9th September

Our first job of the day was a DIY Karaoke system hire at the HMS Belfast moored on the River Thames London. We parked in a road called Battle Bridge Lane off Tooley Street London Bridge as this was the nearest access point for delivery purposes. A long walk to the quayside and an even longer walk on the gang plank before we finally got on the ship.Then a walk along the port side of the ship to a a narrow door and then a few narrow  corridors to negotiate before we finally reached the "Ships Company Dining Room" which has been modified to become a suitable function room for private and corporate functions. Thank God we bought the trolley to lug all the Karaoke equipment !
Using a CD based karaoke system with active speakers, SM58 microphones, 1 x 15" flat TV screen with a laser light chucked in to give some visual flair to the event - we were set up in no time. Some karaoke nautical instruction to the operator (Phil) who worked for the company whose event it was and then on to the next set up. On our return Phil was very happy with the equipment and our service . Aye Aye Cap'n Sail on!
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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Karaoke System Hire Surrey

Reigate Cricket Club was the venue on this occasion. They were doing a 'Stars in your eyes' type event. Not uncommon a theme to implement these days
 The organisers were doing it themselves and required our company to deliver set up and demonstrate the workings of the Karaoke system. We arrived Saturday afternoon set up the following equipment: Twin CD Karaoke player (built in mixing facilities for microphones EQ etc) 2 x active Mackie SRM 450 speakers 1 x 15" flat TV sceen and stand  3 Audio Technica (Midnight Blue) Microphones and a DB technologies Radio Microphone for the host/compere plus an LED Martrix lighting effect. We also supply the customers with songbooks and request slips, they used our karaoke No 2 system which is CD based and contains over 4500 songs (bang up to date as well)
Unnecessary delays often occur on a busy Saturday . The guy who we were to show how to work the equipment was not around so we had to wait for him to arrive  - we have lots of deliveries on any given Saturday and hold ups like these are very frustrating.
All went well, although when we collected the equipment later that night alcohol had had its toll on the members present at the Club. Not an uncommon eevent in our experiences!
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DJ equipment Hire London

An upmarket job this week for A1 Pro Entertainments at 'Pringle of Scotland' in Sloane Street Chelsea
They needed a DJ system for this guy that had been flown in from Germany to pay ambient background house  muisc for a promotional evening which was been held in the actual store itself
The system included 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000's, Pioneer DJM 800 mixer, 2 x Technics 1210's , 6 x EV speakers (4 on the 1st floor and two in the ground floor) and one sub bass speaker to give the sound a little 'bottom end'
Obviously there was a need to have the sound system looking as neat and professional as possible. There was a jumper in this store for sale at the cost £695.00!! Get the picture. So great care was taken to hide all unsightly cables - the speakers had been deliberately spread all around the store in order to achieve an even sound distribution, hence lots of cables to hide.
Myself (Jon Blackman) and a colleague Julian had set up the equipment in the afternoon, Julian staying on to oversee the equipment during the event.
I received a complimentary email the next morning from a very satisfied manager on our "exceptional and friendly service"  
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