Wednesday 13 November 2019

Karaoke DJ London

Karaoke system Hire & Party Light Hire

The event took place at the Oxford & Cambridge Club Pall Mall London on the 9th November 2019. The building was amazing with activities happening on all three floors. As this was a corporate event we set up earlier that day and returned to compere and run the Karaoke show for the guests later that evening. Most of whom were former graduates from the universities of Oxford & Cambridge.
We set up in the library that looked like it had come out of a period film set.
We used  a touch screen digital Karaoke system hire with lighting effects. The Karaoke laptop package is awesome using a streaming servive to ensure we have 1000’s of songs available. We still occasionally use  our Karaoke CD package but not on this occasion. System used included speakers, microphones, Desk Mixer and a TV for the singers. Easy to use DIY Karaoke package are available form us if yo do not want a DJ/Host to run your event!
The organisers said that all went very well and commented on the good sound quality.

PA Hire Remembrance Day 2019

The Outdoor PA system was for a civic remembrance day service held outside the Highgate School  chapel
Attended by the local Priest, Vicar and Rabbi who all did readings. The service was for locals as the main service took part in Highgate itself. My son went off to look at the famous Highgate cemetery. £4.00 entry fee! 
This was a hire for an outside PA system including Speakers with radio microphones on stands
WE specifically used 4 x EV SX300 speakers (outside speakers) powered by a Dynacord Desk mixer. We used a wireless Sennheiser G3 microphone for the speakers that morning
As we also hire stages and rent lecterns and we were able to supply both of these along with the sound system lectern
Clients were very happy with the outside PA system supplied
For all your corporate events, sports days ,school fetes and most outdoor events you can us for your our PA System Hire and Outdoor Speaker Hire & Microphone rental requirements please contact us at
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