Monday 30 April 2012

Karaoke Event Kilburn London

Karaoke night KIlburn Pub 26th April 2012

This was an event that took place in an Irish pub called "The Coribb" in kIlburn for a company called Chellozone. Darius Dodd was the guy who booked our Karaoke services for the party
which was run on the same lines as "Britain's Got Talent " with a panel of Judges, a film crew and of course our Karaoke system including the PA ,Radio Mic for the host and extra lighting.
The panel of judges even had a Simon Cowell ''sound a like'' and ''comment a like'' called Richard Cowell!
Five entries, most singing awfully. It was a tongue in cheek event which was run very well with plenty of good humour knocking around. Good pub grub was served halfway thru the event before the judges and their final decisions (more banter following). After the winner was declared . I then hosted the rest of the evening which was basically a free for all karaoke .

Using a Dynacord desk mixer, Karaoke player, 2 x TV sceens on the stage along with a wedge monitor, 4 x SM58 microphones on stands,  EV speaker PA system, 1000's of songs to choose from, request slips. The evening was faultless.

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Karaoke with compere London

26th April 2012 Grange Hotel St Paul's London

We were working for the event company Storm Events and were asked to supply a Karaoke system with an operator.
We arrived early afternoon and supplied a digital Karaoke system with a Behring mixer and two radio microphones along with a 14" flat TV screen on its own stand. The event company supplied the PA system and also managed to plug in to a 3m x 2 meter screen that just happened to be in the room where part of the event was taking place.
Richie Lassie was the Karaoke  compere for the evening
Storm Events were very happy with A1 pro Entertainments contribution to the night.
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Monday 23 April 2012

DJ equipment Hire Berkshire

DJ Equipment Hire Holyport SL2

A straightforward DJ equipment hire to a private address in the little known Holyport which is off the M4 going towards Reading
The hirer provided a pair of Technics 1210's and a slightly 'iffy' Vestax mixer. We  hired the client an  amplifier speakers, radio microphone  and a sub bass unit. We ran a lead for their iPod connection .
The sound equipment was set up in their marquee . Power was supplied so we were able to sound check and once the customers were happy left for our next sound rental task!
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DJ equipment hire London WC2

CDJ Hire - One Aldwych London

We were delivering a CDJ Sound package to the Axis restaurant situated in the basement of a prime located Hotel (One Aldwych) near The Strand.
Parking was not as awful as we expected and the access, thanks to an extremely helpful Porter (unusual in West End hotels ) was relatively good considering we had corridors and lifts to negotiate
We hired the following items (to a  Natalie Murray of Boss Design who in her spare time DJs) 2 x CDJ 1000's - Pioneer DJM 800 Mixer - 1 x C.Audio Amp - 2 x EV SX 300 speakers - 1 x 400 watt sub bass unit - 2 x Martin lighting effects - microphone and all stands, leads and cables. Joe my helper stayed in the van on 'Traffic Warden watch' whilst I assembled and sound checked the equipment. There was an attractive but assertive restaurant manageress making sure everything was positioned to her liking. Nice room off the main restaurant was where the hired DJ equipment was placed.
Joe returned later that evening to collect the sound and lighting equipment but he had a little moment . "Could'nt find the place" despite been there earlier and having a Sat Nav. - I at home in pyjamas!! I ended up guiding him over the phone whilst holding a magnifying glass against the pages of a tiny London A-Z atlas. All in a days work I guess. Very happy customers so all good
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Thursday 19 April 2012

PA System Blackheath

6th April 2012 Blackheath

Andy Apron (An A1 Pro employee) helped me provide a battery operated sound system for a religious service held for a gathering on Good Friday on Blackheath common.
Arrived early and set up two battery operated speakers on tripods . We also provided a radio microphone with  microphone stand.
The service lasted less than an hour so it was a relatively easy job all told
The clients were very happy with the the rented PA system that we provided

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Monday 16 April 2012

Karaoke system Hire Surrey

Karaoke Hire 14th April 2012

Last minute Karaoke Hire at a private address in Walton on Thames.
A simple but effective Digital Karaoke hire set up. Used a Media hard drive with 11,000 songs on it and ran it through the customer's laptop which was placed so the the singers could easily read from it. Ran the sound into a 4 channel Behringer mixer with reverb effects for the microphones. Used a couple of DB Technologies active speakers . We also supplied 1 x LED lighting effect . Oh and the SM58 microphones!
This was a successful simple hire and the client was so pleased that he  booked our Karaoke equipment for a Diamond Jubilee event
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Karaoke with Operator

14th April 2012 karaoke Hire

Wired Events booked us for a 'social' for 'DHL has got Talent evening' at Hemel Hempstead Cricket Club 
Arrived really early to set up Karaoke equipment using a Karaoke player Dynacord 10 channel mixing desk Radio mics and a small flat TV screen on its own stand pus of course 2 x Electrovoice speakers . I also put a small laser light projecting on to the 'DHL's got Talent' backdrop .
Neil form DHL was filming some of the acts and set up his mini camcorder on a  tripod .
I went off and sampled some of Hemel's takeaway restaurants before returning at about 7.00p.m
The evening was slow bit it did end up been a party thanks to the copious amounts of alcohol been consumed by the party goers.The singing was consistently mediocre but a girl called Paige more than held her own.
Although the job was meant to be an 'operator only' I did end up compering and running the evening, a little begrudgingly admittedly as I was somewhat unprepared for this new assignment.
Midnight finish and a long drive hone after a long day
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