Friday, 30 November 2012

PA Hire West Middlesex Hospital London

PA Hire Isleworth West London 28th Nov 2012

Corporate PA hire with Lectern for an Awards ceremony at West Middlesex Hospital in Isleworth

Sound system comprising of 4 x EV SX 300 speakers, 10 channel mixing desk, AKG Condenser microphone, Radio Microphone,Konig & Meyer Stage Lectern (Ovation Pro) was the PA System installed in the Atrium area of the above named hospital
Over 100 persons were in attendance at this award ceremony for best midwife, best carer best consultant etc etc. . Amanda Holden a TV presenter was the guest speaker sharng her support of this NHS hospital having lost her own child there a while back
No feedback or sound issues a very successful PA Hire on the day.

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Karaoke with Compere Holborn London

Karaoke Night Holborn London 15th November 2012

Karaoke DJ at the All star lanes Club in Holborn London was the job in hand this night

A great venue off Bloomsbury Square Central London. The setting was in a small bar room off the bowling lanes area  where there was an  handy built in sound system which we plumbed the Karaoke system through.
The company running the corporate event was "Gumtree"  . Running a talent contest throughout the evening which was only interrupted when the winners of the bowling competitions were announced.
The karaoke system held its own and lots of songs were song by the very enthusiastic customers. Running through until 11.30 - finished with some impromptu dancing to the delight of a very happy crowd

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Strobe and Smoke machine Hire City

Effects for Lighting hire City of London 15th Nov 2012

Strobe light hire and Smoke machine hire London was this small job undertaken by our company
Delivering a powerful strobe light and a Visage smoke machine with a handy key fob remote control to one of our Raquela customers was a small job but as we were in the city anyway a delivery like this did not pose a problem
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DJ and Disco Chiswick London

DJ and Disco Chiswick London 11th November 2012

Disco DJ and Lights   on 11th November at High Road House Chiswick was the job in hand today
Andy Healer had a tough prospect in hand . Namely a 4 hour disco for 12 year olds!
Normally a shorter playing period is recommended for this age group. Mind you lots of adults there enjoying the music so it was noy exclusively centred around young teens
Timings were from 5.00-9.00p.m
CDJ 100s DJM 800 mixer surround sound system LED lights and lasers contributed to the the whole event
Andy delivered a very satisfactory afternoon's entertainment
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Mobile Disco Kingston

DJ Kingston Surrey 10th Nov 2012

Disco with Karaoke at the Kingsmeadow ground home of AFC Wimbledon was the job in hand
A girls 40th party formed largely of girls playing at some of leading London ladies football clubs . Lots of alcohol lots of dancing . Our mobile DJ "Duggie Spurs" was on form and had to be - 150 demanding women!
A full disco with lights had everyone attending this private party a great time

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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

CDJ Hire Roehampton South West London

CDJ Hire London Roehampton 3rd Nov 2012
CDJ 1000's with DJM mixer and sound system  hired out to Alton Y.C in the Roehampton estate. Last minute booking (that morning) we delivered a sound system with a sub bass speaker and active DB Technologies monitors for a firework night celebratory disco. Hamish who had booked us was a typical laid back youth worker who was organising the event..
Barney my son picked up te sound equipment the next day - He got there early and it appears the guys there were still recovering from a night if indulgence!!
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Monday, 5 November 2012

Karaoke Hire Canary Wharf London

Karaoke system Hire Canary Wharf London 31st October 2012

Karaoke system Hire  in Canary Wharf London on the top penthouse suite on the top of the Pan Peninsular Bldg in Canary Wharf was the job in hand
Hired by the strangely named restaurant (Tomkins & the Attic) 'Tomkins' been the restaurant part on the Ground floor and the 'Attic' being the bar/venue on th 48th floor
Took my daughter Carla (half tern and over from Ireland) to come for the ride. Once we met Jose, the manager and got the equipment and parking organised we were zooming up the lift to the 48th floor. Was ot worth it -yes indeedy. Views were spectacular and being a clear day wonderful to befold as well..
Put the karaoke system thru the DJ Booth and one of the TVs behind a smoked glass screen . The setting was exactly what you;d a expect from a penthouse suite -  plush - posh expensively furnished - beautiful modern interior. It was so posh that I took ages making sure that all the cables were neatly hidden or covered so the equipment blended in rather than being anachronistic. As it was a DIY karaoke hire - I have no idea how the evening went. I know that this was an trial  experiment and with 'Karaoke expereiments' there can be a varying degress of sucess in terms of attendance and participation.
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Staging Hire and lights hire Kingston Surrey

Stage hire and Lighting effects hire Kingston Surrey 28th October 2012

Staging hire with different light effects for a band performance of Bad Manners at the Kingsmeadow football ground in Kingston.
Well nice to know that Buster Bloodvessel of Bad Manners has graced our portable staging
and been illuminated with some of our lighting - Namely 4 LED par cans and an Equinox mega bar of 4 flat LED par cans. A haze machine and laser added to contribute to the overall effect. People of course come to see Bad Manners perform not gaze at a stunning light show. But what we provided in terms of lighting gave the hall (capacity - just 300 persons) gave the necessary atmosphere required for a live performance
Excellent musicians and bar an unfortunate episode where Buster had to leave the stage and change - the evening was very successful
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Wedding Anniversary DJ Kingston

Wedding Anniversary Disco Kingston Surrey 26th October 2012

Mobile disco and DJ in Kingston for a golden wedding anniversary at the Kingsmeadow Football Ground where Wimbledon AFC play.
Our DJ Andy Viking played a mixture of music for a mixed agegruop that you would kinda expect at a Golden wedding anniversary.
Using a full sound and light show appropriate to the room layout, the party went with a 'bang'. Andy pulling all the stops out to ensure the party went well

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