Sunday 27 October 2013

Digital Karaoke Hire Borehamwood Herts

Digital Karaoke Hire Old Haberdashians Borehamwood Herts 31st August 2013

Digital Karaoke Hire Old Haberdashians Borehamwood Herts 31st August 2013.
The famous old rugby club are regular customers of ours and a valued on  at that
Lovely guys and always treat our equipment well
Hiring a digital karaoke hard drive with over 11000 songs Desk Mixer, EV speakers, Shure SM58 mics, TV, Laser light, songbooks and request slips. Delivered that morning and collected the next day.
A little out of our manor but when you have such appreciative clients . Who cares!!
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Wedding DJ Hampton Court Surrey 23rd August 2013

Wedding disco at the famous Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court Surrey
The happy couple Bruno and Janet danced the night away to our more or less resident DJ Ritchie Lassie. We are basically the residing DJ service at the Hotel Mitre and therefore as we are very mindful of our excellent working relationship with the management there. We always use our best DJ's and make sure that we have a sound and lightshow that will never fail but to impress.
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Dj for Party in North London

Mobile Disco Hire in North London 18th August 2013

Mobile Disco Hire in North London 18th August 2013 for a 'well to do' family in Mill Hill.
Sumptuous house and a sophisticated crowd (not sophisticated enough to not want to party!) boogied (sorry about that 70's word) for the evening to the eclectic mix of music provided by our DJ Ritchie Jules. Supplying  a small system comprising of 2 Mackie SRM450's, CDJs, sub bass and a couple of lasers was ample for the occasion.
A generous tip confirmed the complete satisfaction with our mobile DJ service on the night.
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Karaoke Hire Kingston Surrey

karaoke System Hire Kingston University 17th August 2013

 karaoke System Hire at Kingston University 17th August 2013.
The karaoke hire was for a school of foreign students attending a Summer language class at Kingston University
Using a CDG system with all the latest songs (much appreciated by the administrators and students alike) EV speakers SM58 microphones a few laser lights thrown in for effect. LCD TV screen on its own stand, songbooks and request slips. All delivered set up and collected the next morning
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PA Hire for Band and Stage Hire

PA hire and portable Stage hire Roehampton 3rd Aug 2013

PA hire and portable Stage hire Roehampton 3rd Aug 2013 for the Charity group "Kings and Queens" who organizes event for old people making them feel like Kings and Queens!!
MO (the organizer) asked to hire a 2 x 4 meter portable stage and PA for the band.
Nothing too sophisticated this time around. We supplied a 14 channel desk, 4 x SM58 Microphone hire with stands F.O.H. PA and a couple of stage monitors. A radio microphone was supplied for the MC and it was also required for the BINGO!
The event was run in the afternoon and all went smoothly with the delivery and set up taking place earlier that day in the morning.
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Saturday 26 October 2013

Wedding Disco Hampton Court

Wedding DJ Hampton Court Surrey 27th July 2013

Wedding disco at the famous Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court Surrey
The happy couple Felix and Rohanna danced the night away to our more or less resident DJ Ritchie Lassie. We are basically the residing DJ service at the Hotel Mitre and therefore as we are very mindful of our excellent working relationship with the management there. We always use our best DJ's and make sure that we have a sound and lightshow that will never fail but to impress.
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DJ Club Party Kingston

Party DJ & Mobile Disco Hire AFC Wimbledon 20th July 2013

Party DJ for the Over30s night at AFC Wimbledon stadium Kingsmeadow Football Ground

'Uncle Doug' (nickname) was the incumbent DJ on this regular 'once a month' disco at the home of AFC Wimbledon
Running from 8.00-1.00a.m with updated lighting in order to make the venue not look like a caravan site disco!! And using the awesome JBL PRX635 speakers so that it does not sound like a local youth club disco!!
Doug is  great DJ with his own local radio show in Kent. It is a gig where the punters can be quite demanding so he works hard but as always the customers are happy and dancing throughout the night.
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Outdoor PA Hire London

PA hire in London 7th July 2013 Victoria Gardens

Outdoor PA Hire for C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young) held on  a lovely Sunday morning in July.

Using several speakers dotted around the bandstand area so that the 1000 or so attendees had perfect audibility. Sound desk, various microphone applications inc a lapel mic for the gorgeous 'warm up" fitness instructor. Yes she was female!
Lasting only 30 mins or so with speeches by the founder of the charity, instructions for the Thames River bridge walk that all the crowd were about to embark on. Music via an iPod.Plus my fitness instructor!

The whole PA system Hire went perfectly and to be fair the weather helped
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PA System Stage Hire and Lectern Hire

PA System Staging and Lectern Hire 3rd July 2013 Wooton House

Corporate Event in Dorking Surrey at Wooton House off the A25.
PA System Hire with Staging Hire and a Stage Lectern Rental for Raven Housing Trust

We set up a comprehensive sound system using 6 x SX300 speakers using 2 at front of house and two each on the side walls of the room. A Konig & Morg 'Stand Ovation' Lectern with an AKG condenser microphone and 2 radio microphones for Q & A. We were asked to supply a small portable stage for the Lectern and Speakers.
For entertainment after their conference they used a band comprised of musicians all of whom had disabilities. Apparently they were a real revelation humbling a lot of the delegates in the process with their obvious defiance of the odds that Nature had imposed on them.
Technically and aesthetically A1ro Entertainments delivered, metaphorically as well!
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Friday 25 October 2013

School Prom Disco Sittingbourne

DJ for School Prom in Kent 27th June 2013

Mobile disco for teenagers was the order of the day as we set up a spectacular light show and sound system for "Highstead School's" Prom held at an attractive venue called simply the Barnyard .
Joe (Son of Alan) was the young DJ who spun the vinyl and what a job he did. Keeping spotty spoilt teenagers happy can be a big 'ask' but he persevered to the point that one of the 16 year old's Dads (Duggie Gilzean) gave Joe a kiss
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Charity Dinner/Dance Disco

Charity Dinner/Dance Disco Rhianna's Fund Epsom 22nd June 2013

A perennial event for us . Providing the DJ for the annual Dinner Dance Disco held for the 3rd consecutive year at the RAC club in Epsom.
Our DJ 'Richie Poor' was far from poor as he delivered a classic session of dance floor fillers to keep the huge crowd happy
Using a sound system with JBL PRX635 speakers Pioneer mixers and CDJs with laser and LED lighting and back wash up-lighters . The marquee attached to the back of the RAC Woodcote club house looked stunning .
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PA Hire Wimbledon

PA system Hire in Wimbledon 19th June 2013

The Wimbledon Common committee do exist and they were hiring a PA system for their AGM
We supplied 6 x Table top microphones  for the main persons who chaired the meeting .We also supplied 2 x Radio microphones for the Q & A that followed. Sound desk and a speaker system
We left them to discuss the important issues that are involved with the Common, returned a couple of hours later to copllect the gear. Very happy customers and suppliers (Midweek and local)
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Battery Speaker Hire London

Battery Speaker Hire Brunswick Square London 9th June 2013

A small outdoor event that was lightly attended so may not have need our PA system .
Well the customer had agreed to hire so it was indeed used . 2 x wireless battery run speakers with a radio microphone for talking. Nice day nice job!
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PA for School Fete Balham

 Sound system Hire at Balham School 8th June 2013

An outdoor fete requiring an outdoor sound system to reach all parts of the meandering playgrounds!
We used 6 speakers and placed them strategically all over the playground ,clambering up ladders to hide the speaker leads behind gutters and drainpipes to make sure that there were no cables running across the ground.
Crown amps driving EV speakers Wireless microphones and a connecting lead so an iPod could be played thru the sound system was what we provided
It was a breezy but sunny day so the set up was painless and straightforward
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Uplighter Hire

1st June 2013 Uplighters to hire in Surrey

We hire out Battery operated up lighters which means no cables and easy set up. Huge variety of available colours and effects . Slow or fast fade , strobe, chase, sound to light.
On this occasion the customer wanted to have a pink wall wash in the main entertainment area.
The wireless uplighters did the trick perfectly
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Dinner Dance DJ Hotel Mitre

25th May 2013 DJ for Dinner Dance Carlton Mitre Hampton Court

A new venture by the people at the Carlton Mitre Hampton Court. Once a month there is going to be held a dinner/dance in the restaurant area.
One of our top Mobile Djs (Andy Mason) performed on the first night.
Playing to a full restaurant and juggling between playing music to small parties, courting couples and others. The dance floor was full and everyone enjoyed themselves
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DJ Equipment Hire and Dancefloor Hire

16th May 2013 Dancefloor Hire with PA System for Laptop Fenchurch St London

Sound system with Laptop hire for a company called IATA!!  and a Dance floor
We dealt with a delightful lady called Elizabeth, its always a plus when you have a genuinely kind and helpful customer.
Arriving early to set up in Plantation Place on Fenchurch St. We delivered a small sound set up in order for the clients to use their media devices in . Specifically a Pioneer DJM 800 4 channel mixer and a pair of Mackie SRM450 speakers. The 5m x 5 m dance floor was set up adjacent to the control area of the music.
Very happy customers
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PA Hire Henry Moore Foundation

May 9th 2013 PA Hire
This was for a talk on Henry Moore and Roidin (the English and French sculptors respectively)and their exhibits.
The sound system that we hired out to the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green (nearest big town being Bishop Stortford) comprised of a 12 channel desk Mixer, Shure SM58 Radio mic system and two Electrovoice SX300 speakers.
A delightful job inasmuch the access was easy, staff friendly and the added bonus of being able to look at all the wonderful sculptures within the grounds.
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Saturday 4 May 2013

PA Hire Outdoor Rally (Heathrow Expansion)

PA System Hire (Boris Johnson used our microphone!) 27th April 2013

2500 persons attended this cross party anti-expansion of Heathrow airport rally at Barns Elm playing fields  next to the Wetland Nature reserve in South West London. The rally was largely organized by Zak Goldsmith ,the Tory MP for Richmond
We had to use a silent generator to power the sound system - Using our normal outdoor set up as follows: 8 x EV SX 300 speakers powered by Crown amps, Shure SM58 radio mic system and a Pioneer Desk .
Myself and son Barney took about an hour to set up . The speech deliverers were to be on on a small stand next to the Athletic track. We were situated by the stands side
Gyles Brandraft was hosting the event and what a charming funny fellow he is. Doing  a fantastic warm up to the London Mayor Boris Johnson's eagerly awaited slot. Worth waiting for? Yes he was good despite the fact that his arguments could be seen as a tad hypocritical!
Most West London boroughs were represented by their local MPs who had according to Gyles 'Just one minute' to deliver their speeches. The morning went quickly and one of my abiding memories will be of the 'Paparazzi' treatment of the prime minster in waiting. Boris Johnson
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Lighting and Stage hire Kingston

Stage Hire and lights hire Kingsmeadow Live  27th April 2013

Staging hire and Uplighters Hire on Band night. We provided a 2x 4 meter portable stage, six battery operated uplighters on a slow fade and finally 4 x LED moving heads for this special event. Janet Kay and Carol Thompson who are two British born reggae singers were the stars at this sell out event.
The lighting effects looked great on the stage,Uncle Jim (as he is affectionately known - by me) set up the lights to give them maximum effect. His labours were duly rewarded
Greatevent and A1 Pro Entertainments did their bit!
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Outdoor PA Hire in North London

PA system Hire at Saracens Rugby Club 21st April 2013

Speaker system for outdoors. We were booked to provide a sound system for a junior rugby tournaments held at the home of famous club 'Saracens'
Arriving  early at 8.30 Sunday morning. we used 8 EV SX 300 speakers. One pair been positioned at each corner of the control tent.Crown amplification  Pioneer mixing desk - Shure SM58 radio microphone system and iPod connection for music. Covering over several pitches.-the sound was perfect albeit helped by favorable weather conditions.
Lovely day out all round- even squeezed in  a pick up in Tring and a canal walk whilst the event was running
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Mobile Disco Sandhurst Bucks

DJ for hire at Sandhurst in Bucks 6th April 2013

Mobile Disco in Surrey. This occasion was held , thanks to a wager amongst the elite young army officers at the Military academy in Sandhurst. Dont ask me what the wager was about but I think it involved a barmaid!!
Richie our DJ played background music during dinner and then procceded to play all the party tunes after coffees. The hall wheer the party was been held was a 'new build' lacking the character of some of the other function halls within the Academy. Howver the party rocked and all present had  a great time.
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Karaoke for Home Hire

Karaoke system Hire Worcester Park 30th March 2013

Rent a karaoke system for your House party! WE renetd out our basic karaoke package to a family who wer throwing  aparty at their house in Worcester Park
We used a twin karaoke CD player Flat TV screen EV speakers and Shure SM58 microphones. We also gave them a stunning laser light to compliment the show. 1000,s of songs form Elvis to One Direction and everything in between.
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Thursday 28 March 2013

Dinner and Dance Disco Surrey

Party DJ for Dinner & Dance nr.Kingston 23rd March 2013

A party DJ was needed for a new experiment by the Hotel Mitre to hold a Dinner/Disco once a month in their beautiful restaurant
First night was a brilliant success. Sold out with great feedback and the DJ Andy did a super job playing all types of music to suit the eclectic mix of customers present
Music was played from 9.00-12.00p.m and for a mobile disco stuck in a posh restaurant it went like a dream!
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Staging Hire in Surrey

Stage Hire in Surrey 16th March 2013

A mock trial held at Redhill magistrates for some schools.
A Magistrate called Bob hired from us 2 x  1 metre blocks of portable staging for this event during the daytime hours of Saturday.
Straightforward delivery and set up with a late afternoon collection.
All the pretend criminals were sent down for life!!
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Disco Karaoke in North London

DJ and Karaoke in Mill Hill 16th March 2013

Disco and Karaoke combination was booked by a previous client of ours who loved our DJ Ritchie Bagel who had performed at a prior party of hers.
The party DJ had to travel to a sumptuous house in Mill Hill North London to perform. The evening was equally partitioned between the Karaoke and the Disco
The whole shebang including disco lights, Karaoke system, Mackie speakers, Shure SM58 microphones was provided for the evenings entertainment. Ritchie by all accounts did a sterling job and we look forward to getting a few repeat bookings from this event
For all your party DJ and karaoke hire requirements please contact us

Lighting Uplighter Hire Grafiiti Tunnel Waterloo

Lasers & Uplighter Hire Waterloo London 4th March 2013

Lights and Smoke machine Hire in London specifically in the Graffiti Tunnel which is part of  a labyrinth of old railway tunnels known collectively as the 'Old Vic Tunnels' near Waterloo station
We were hired by Tro-Group  who were organising a 6K run through London as part of a promotion of a new trainer shoe manufactured by the Sporting Clothing giant Nike. This being one our bigger and more interesting events so far this year.
The organiser Michelle wanted lots of Pink lighting and loads of smoke  for the runners to race through with the accompanying sounds of two Beatbox singers. It had to be "Urban"
It was definitely that. Over the course of three nights we witnessed a vicious brawl between some drunk East Europeans , an anarchic group of urban street singers with their loud stereo and the normal selection of waifs and strays.
My son Barney helped with the install. Using ten battery operated up lighter par cans set to a pink colour,. 2 x bank of 4 scanners and two pink lasers. The 'coup de grace' was a hired Jem low fog machine known as a Glaciator (£5000.00 to buy new) which with the help of ducting threw out a huge dense cloud of fog which was needed as the considerable down draught coming through the tunnel made the fog dissipate rather quickly. Using a 6KVA generator to power the 'Glaciator. and a Honda 3KVA generator to power the lights
The event was partly promoted by using British Olympians inc. the delectable Hannah England doing photo-shoots amongst the light-show
The whole production was very challenging but enjoyable mainly down to the uniqueness and location of the event.
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Karaoke Hire London

Karaoke hire London March 2013 in Chelsea

Karaoke hire at a venue in Chelsea was this welcome midweek booking
A DJ from Brighton had been asked to provide a karaoke along with a disco at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea. So that's where we came in.
The DJ had provided the PA so we supplied the Karaoke system hardware inc.Audio-Technica microphones Mixing Desk Flat TV & stand Songbooks and request slips.
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Monday 11 March 2013

Karaoke Hire in Surrey

Karaoke System rental In Surrey 2nd March 2013

karaoke system Hire at a private address on a new housing estate on the leafy side of Epsom near the Common

The estate was so new that the Sat Nav did not recognise it ! Hiring the karaoke system for the family's little girl. It was set up in their front room.Using a great LED lighting effect was the icing on the cake for this small high quality Karaoke system delivered set up and collected the following day

Happy customers AGAIN

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DJ for Party in Surrey ( Hotel Mitre)

Hire a DJ in Surrey 40th party 23rd February 2013

Mobile DJ in Surrey was our tag for this 40th party at the splendid Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court Surrey
Richard Lardy was our Party DJ for the evening. He had an esay night. A relaxed crowd who were happy for the DJ to play the muisc that he thought appropriate for the dancefloor.
Disco lights and lasers complimented our 1K sound system and the evening went with a bang!
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Home Party Light Hire

Disco Light Hire Worplesdon Surrey 1st Feb 2013

Led light hire with a smoke machine rental at a private address in Worplesdon Surrey.
A small delivery of two LED multicoloured lighting effects, a laser effect and a smoke machine for a private teen party.
The family were from the American services and the celebration was for their daughter's 12th birthday party
We set up the disco lighting in their front room and picked it up a week later
Happy customers charged a nominal amount for some excellent disco lighting effects
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Tuesday 19 February 2013

DJ equipment Rental in Croydon

Sound hire in Croydon London at John Ruskin House 19th January 2013

Sound and light hire for a Wedding party in West Croydon
Clients were using their laptop that went through our Pioneer DJM 800 mixer into 2 x Mackie SRM450 speakers.
Our Lighting Equipment rental department supplied a string of par can uplighters to supplement the sound system. The couple wanted the up lighter to be blue - so that's what they got.
Lovely couple and all went well with the hire
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School Karaoke hire

Karaoke Package Hire in Guildford 18th January 2013

Karaoke rental for Woodcote House School in Worplesdon nr. Guildford
Today was very snowy and lots of it. The journey was a challenge and you felt that you were driving in Canada at some points!
Straightforward karaoke hire  at this delightful boarding school hidden in the depths of the Surrey countryside, using Mackie speakers SM58 Microphones Flat TV screen laser lights and a full Karaoke song catalogue. The clients got their moneys worth!
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Karaoke hire in Kingston

Karaoke Hire for Corporate event in Surrey 9th January 2013

Karaoke hire with Host for the Multinational, Unilever at their conference centre in leafy Coomble Hill KOT
A short Karaoke party after a dinner was the remit this night
Lovely crowd enjoying the opportunity to murder a few classic songs that were available on the Karaoke system
All concerned very happy with our professional service and quality Karaoke equipment provided
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Mobile DJ Surrey

Mobile Disco at Kingsmeadow in Kingston 5th January 2013

Our mobile DJ in Surrey branch delivered an excellent service on the 1st gig of the year 2013 at the home of Wimbledon AFC in Kingston
DJ for hire (Duggie Eltham) backed Radio Jackie's Mick Brown for this regular "Over 30's disco" in K.O.T.
Playing new music mixed with a selection of classic oldies the event rocked from 8.00 - 1.00 a.m.
Using lots of disco lights to enhance the atmosphere Lasers Moving heads smoke and LED Lights as well
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Thursday 24 January 2013

Rent Karaoke system in Windlesham

Karaoke Hire at Woodcote House School in Windlesham 18th January 2013

Asked to rent a Karaoke system Set up early lunchtime as I had a meeting at the hotel Mitre (dress rehearsal for a staff party ) to attend
Today was very snowy and it had settled quite deeply in the Surrey area where I was travelling to. Ergo slow journey.
Found the boarding school where the Karaoke hire was taking place and proeceded to set upvthe equipment in their Gym/School Hall.
Simple Karaoke hire incuding a twin Karaoke CD player,'bang up to date' song catalogue ,SM58 microphones,Mackie speakers ,flat TV sceen and stand and a few LED disco lights 
Great evening ,very happy customers. Collected the equipnet that evening despite the snowy conditions
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DJ Equipment Hire in London DJ equipment London 12th January 2013

DJ equipment hire in London was our job in hand this Saturday.
Marc Davidson who runs his own very successful event company hired us for an upmarket party held at the Hospital club in Covent Garden
Great venue having its own loading bay and a lift, helpful staff, automatic doors everywhere. Can it get any better?
Arrived late afternoon and proceeded to set up . Using 2 x JBL PRX635 for front of house and three zoned speakers for the ante room. Terrific and manageable sound.
WE also rented out  a pair of CDJ 2000's and a Pioneer  DJM 800 mixer
The light show contained 4 x LED Moving heads  
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Karaoke with DJ in Kingston Surrey

Karaoke Party DJ for Corporate event Kingston 9th January 2013

Karaoke for a corporate event. in a conference centre owned by the Multinational 'Unilever' at their Four Acre site in the Coombe Hill area of Kingston Surrey.
Unilever have a few Karaoke nights a year and fortunately for us we are their preferred supplier. A lovely girl called Veronica Black books us and not only that joins in !. The Karaoke essentially is a small slot of entertainment for after dinner. Taking into account that the participants will have been training and conferencing all day. The Karaoke is a well deserved light hearted wind down.
Karaoke system installed with extra laser lighting to give the proceedings a little glamour and 'yours truly' compering the evening with witty asides and operating the equipment at the same time. Very successful evening and I must also mention that the staff at Unilever looked after me very well. Thanks
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Hire a DJ! Kingston

Mobile Disco in Kingston (Kingsmeadow Football Ground)  on 5th January 2013

Party DJ with lights and sound provided for the monthly Over 30's night at the above venue
Using a 3k sound system, lasers' Led lights, Scanners, Haze, Pioneer DJM mixer and CDJ players 

Resident DJ Duggie Gilzean was celebrating his wife's 40th birthday so corporate DJ 'Shard' stepped in to help out. The evening runs from 8.30 - 1.00 a.m aimed at attracting a maturer crowd listening to club classics and a few new tunes to keep things fresh (mainly for the "I wanna be young still" element present!)
As you'd expect first Saturday in January is quiet but Shard with the help of guest Radio Jackie DJ, Mick Brown  made a good evening out of it.
Affectionately known as "Uncle Jim" the impresario James Cuthbert Samuel Piddington was very happy. Kisses all round!
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Tuesday 8 January 2013

Outdoor PA Hire

PA System Hire for Church Service Blackheath 24th December 2012

Sound system hire for a outdoor service held outside the church on Blackheath common after a walk - parade through the village

A simple outdoor PA system consisting of a Pioneer 4 channel mixer; 4 EV speakers and a 1K Crown amplifier. They used a radio microphone for the service. Lovely people and a very successful installation - nearly 2000 people in attendance and they all were able to hear the Reverend deliver his sermon

For all your PA System,Speakers,Sound system,Radio microphone requirements please contact us at

DJ / Disco and Karaoke Xmas Party

Disco and Karaoke Party night Westminster/Kingsway College 21st December 2012

Corporate Disco with DJ and a Karaoke with karaoke DJ is what we provided for the annual staff party here at this college in Vincent Square. Victoria. London
Richard Lardy managed the event setting up a full mobile disco with stunning lighting effects in the main dining roon hall area and then with the help of Rich Bakerman setting up a full karaoke system in a smaller ante-room. Both events running virtually simultaneosly.
Lovely crowd at this corporate college event where we annually perform. All present were very appreciative of our professionalism and our entertainment of course.
For all your corporate Disco and corporate Karaoke requirements. Sound equipment hire . Contact us at

Corporate Karaoke London

X Factor Karaoke night Mayfair London 20th December 2012

Specialising in X-Factor karaoke nights for those events where you want more than your typical Karaoke 'down the pub' show
So what did we provide at this event for a law firm called Fosters in swanky Mayfair London?
Firstly a 2 x 2 metre carpeted portable stage , 2 x flat TV screens . Radio microphones for the singers plus SM58 microphones on stands,stage monitors, 2 x front of house EV speakers, 12 channel desk mixer with reverb effects. par can up lighters for the stage backdrop and an equinox LED mega bar to give the singers a light show to perform under, an operator to load the karaoke songs, play background music and liaise with the compere.
The night was a noisy affair , four employees with paper masks representing the judges normally associated with the X Factor programme e.g. Cheryl Cole, Louis, Gary Barlow etc and a further employee pretending to be the host of X.Factor (Demott). All played their parts brilliantly with help of copious amounts of alcohol, especially the judges!
The singers to be fair were above average and a couple who sang "Fairytale of New York" won a bottle of champagne for their troubles
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Staging Hire & Lighting hire

Lightshow and Staging Hire Kingston Surrey 15th December 2012

Portable Stage hire and Lighting Hire at the Kingsmeadow Ground in Kingston Surrey
Using a 2 x 4 metre carpeted stage for the two tone band playing at the venue
We used 4 x LED Moving heads 1 x Equinox LED Bar 4 x Par Can up lighters and a Haze machine. The moving heads were the stars of the show moving spectacularly across the stage throughout the Band's performance
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Sunday 6 January 2013

PA Hire Woolwich School Production

School PA Hire in Woolwich London 17th December 2012

Cardwell primary school in Woolwich London was the setting for a three day hire of our sound equipment to be used for their Xmas nativity plays.
Anne Sullivan was the hirer and producer of the school play. We arrived early Monday morning to make sure that all the sound system was installed and sound checked before the 1st performance beginning at 9.30 a.m.
Using two EV speakers ,Dynacord 10 channel mixing desk  Denon CD players, 4 x radio microphones and two cabled SM58 microphones with stands
All the equipment was perfect and absolutely no sound ot interference problems were encountered during the 3 day hire period
For all your school production requirements including handheld microphones speakers and lighting effects please contact us at

DJ Equipment hire Woking

Disco system hire Woking 12th December 2012

Disco system and light hire at very short notice in a youth club near Woking.This event funded by the YMCA was a surprise for the small amount of youths that regularly attend this somewhat rundown centre in Woking. A crew of lovely youth workers were in attendance when I arrived to install the sound system. Using the Numark Mixdeck (with a Ipod dock) and 2 x CD players, Mackie speakers and a LED light show. The system was ample for their needs which unfortunately was ungratefully received by the kids in attendance. To the extent that the plug was pulled on the event very early. Basically almost as soon as I got home I was out again to return and collect it
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DJ Disco-night Hampton Court Surrey event DJ Carlton Mitre Hotel 8th December 2012

DJ with Disco for a Xmas joiner party at the beautiful Carlton Mitre Hotel in Hampton Court Surrey.
Three groups made up this joiner party , Manager with his own friends, a small company and a police group. Guess which crowd were the most unruly!

After dinner Duggie played a mixed selection of tunes doing the difficult and challenging job of keeping all three groups happy. He was successful in achieving this - A lesser DJ would have keeled under the pressure
Using the house equipment: EV speakers QSC amp and Denon mixer /CD players with intelligent lighting and lasers. A full light and sound show provided
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Karaoke system Hire London

Karaoke equipment hire London 6th December 2012

Karaoke hire at a company's (Unit Media) office in Great Marlborough St was the job in hand
Arrived late Thursday afternoon to install the Karaoke equipment which included a 4000 song catalogue, flat TV screen and stand with a Dynacord 12 channel desk mixer and 2 x EV SX 300 speakers with Shure SM58 microphones plus a laser lighting effect.
The evening went so well that the same equipment was hired for a similar office party planned for the following week at the same address.
Great incident free hire except young Joe picking up the equipment on the Saturday morning received a parking ticket. Boo hiss!
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Lighting Hire Surrey

Disco Lights Hire in Surrey 1st December 2012

Disco lighting hire at a private address in Thames Ditton Surrey was the job in hand today

A small hire but then we never turn away local work! The disco lights were for a child's party and they specified two LED moon flower lighting effects and a small cluster laser light.
Delivered the day before with a quick demo to confirm that the lighting effects were all functioning properly. Collected a week later.
Customers were over the moon and were very happy with the disco lights hired to them and happy with the competitive price they received
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Disco Hire Surrey

DJ with Disco in Kingston Surrey 1st December 2012

Mobile disco in Kingston  held at the Kingsmeadow Football ground in Kingston for its monthly "Over 30's " party night.
Hosting DJ Dougie started at 8.00 p.m. playing as warm up to Radio Jackie DJ, Mick Brown and then finishing off the night after Mick Brown's set.
Using a Pioneer system with the fabulous JBL PRX635 speakers and good club lighting all around the room - this in an effort to give the function room a 'clubby' feel!
Successful night and enjoyed by all the guests present
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