Tuesday, 31 January 2012

DJ equipment Hire & Wireless Microphone Hire London

28th January 2012

A Chinese entrepreneur called Si Li (Silly) booked our company to provide a DJ based sound system with Radio microphones for a Charity Fashion show been held at the lovely Harbour Club Notting Hill West London
Our telephone conversations preceding the event were more like a haggling war in a street market " wot yor bes price" was the only words tthat I seemed to hear. Anyway we worked out a deal that seemed to suit both parties.
Arrived eventually (the Sat Nav did not seem to recognize Alfred Street (the address of te harbour club ) and waned to take us onto the Flyover . We consulted my dilapidated A-Z book and got there )
I had taken my 12 yr old son Arthy with me ( the prospect of seeing lots of beautiful models was a carrot that he found difficult to resist). We unloaded the van and took all the sound equipment and lighting effects into the lift at the club. It was on the 1st floor that the fashon show was taking place.
We used the following equipment at the event 2 x EV SX300 speakers- 1 x 400 watt DB sub bass unit, Dynacord Powermate 600 desk mixer, 3 x radio microphones , 2 x Numark NDX400 CD players (the German DJ was a joke and commmented that the CD players were rubbish and that he did not know how to work with them, this was made funnier as  earlier he had commented that he was a DJ and could work with anything put in front of him. There are a lot of DJs like this. To be fair Si Li (Silly) had not wanted to pay the extra cost involved for the superior Pioneer CDJ 1000 Mk 3 CD players which most DJs prefer) Lastly we provided two LED lighting effects.
There were then the inevitable sound checks for the singers, a few dead batteries been exchanged for new ones on the wireless  microphones . On leaving the sound was good and the lights looked terrific. All good except for a highly strung DJ and Si-Li (Silly) who wanted to part pay then and part pay later. Had to remind him of our terms & conditions where all monies are paid on satisfactory completion of installation. Sigh

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Karaoke Hire Sutton Surrey

28th January 2012

We hired out a Karaoke system to a private address in Sutton near  North Cheam Surrey. Arrived early Saturday afternoon to set up. The equipment we hired out  was a CD Based one using the following gear. Twin CD Numark karaoke player. 2 x DB Opera speakers, 3 x Audio Technica Midnight Blue Microphones, 15" flat TV screen on a stand, a 3000 song catalogue of old and up to date songs, an iPod connection
On picking up the gear the next day after the God fearing family had attended church, it was evident that they had been more of a dancey crowd and had used their iPods for music as opposed to the Karaoke machine

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Karaoke Hire Heathrow Hotel West London

25th Jan 2012

Karaoke Hire with Operator

This was a corporate event for DHL held at the Park Inn Hotel Bath Road Heathrow on a Wednesday night
The event was been coordinated by a company called "Wired" They had hired a  karaoke system from us and an operator (me Jon Blackman) to work along side a film crew that were filming different employees from DHL singing their karaoke favourites . This was done in a studio type room away from the main event area where they had already been running a 'DHL has got Talent night'! I was working alongside a nice guy called Lucas who operating the PA System.After setting up and sound checking I had about 3 hours to kill. So off to the hotel bar where fortunately the match Man City vs Liverpool was playing - enjoyed a expensive pasta  whilst watching the 'footie'. The whole event was running late and we did not start shooting the Karaoke until 11.15.Finished about 12.45  A successful evening, all the sound and karaoke equipment was 100%. Everyone happy!
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Sunday, 22 January 2012

DJ equipmet Hire London

DJ Equipment Hire 12th January 2012

The Tate Gallery have parties! This night they were having an informal event at the Grand Union Pub in Kennington London
. My colleague Andy Healer delivered and set up the hired Disco equipment
We used the following equipment 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers 1 x 400 watt sub bass unit and a Pioneer DJM mixer with a pair of Technics 1210's. They also hired a Haze machine (which is similar to a smoke machine but emits a diluted less dense smoke than traditional smoke machines that have the habit of setting off fire alarms
. All the equipment was safely and satisfactorily installed . Unfortunately we were there an hour and the Hazard lights that were left on had flattened the battery!! Great
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Karaoke Compere Surrey

Karaoke with compere 11th January 2012

A regular customer of ours is the Food Giant Unilever. Occasionally they have a 'wind down' karaoke evening after a conference of their young executives at the Four Acre site in Kingston Surrey.
I hosted the evening for a few hours on a cold Wednesday evening . A small number of around 20 persons were present. They were a lovely bunch of people all nationalities and an even split of the genders. Used a full Karaoke system including some disco lighting. All the usual songs were attempted although one brave executive did 'Paranoid ' by Black Sabbath and far from murdering the song he did it some serious justice.
 Really happy with what we did that night a complementary email arrived the following day.
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Karaoke Hire Kent South East England

Karaoke Hire Kent & South Eastern England 21st Jan 2012

Anti clockwise round the M25 onto the M26 near Sevenoaks is a place called West Malling . We had hired some Karaoke equipment to a lovely guy called Nick . It was his 50th party and the event was held at the West Malling Golf Club. Arrived at 5.30p.m to dekliver the Kataoke equipment . We used a 10 channel Dynacord Mixer Mixing desk, Numark Twin Karaoke CD player . 3 x Audio Technica microphones , a flat TV scren on it own stand, pair of Electrovoice SX300 speakers. Used an ipod connecting lead for Nick's laptop from the Desk Mixer,plus an LED Effect (Acme Matrix).The whole set up sounded and looked great. Picked up the Karaoke system next morning (back in time for a roast dinner) Another satisfied customer
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Karaoke HIre Surrey

Karaoke Hire 21st Jan 2012
A house karaoke system hire in Frimley Surrey. Quiet at the moment taking on anything!!
We hired a basic karaoke system that included speakers TV Led lighting effects A cataologue of new and Karaoke clasics (old & new). Delivery included and collection .
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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dj Disco and dance floor Hire London

7th January 2012

Our1st DJ job of 2012! A staff party for the employees of the East India Club, St.James Square London. They are literally our oldest customer - we have been providing discos at the club for over 30 years now.
We arrived early on that afternoon to set up the DJ equipment and the parquet Dance Floor.
We used a full Mobile Disco set up including LED lights, lasers, a sub Bass reinforced sound system and Denon mixers with CD players. The dance floor was 5 metres square with parquet tiles and aluminium edging. The staff kindly helped us to get the sound equipment and dance floor into the room where the party was taking place.
The staff had a sit down dinner before the commencement of dancing, all in the same room . The DJ Julian English was our DJ that night. It was a great evening helped by the fancy dress theme of "Olympics 2012"  and the good natured  mood that pervaded the evening by the staff attending the event.
One sour note - A parking ticket. I want to start a campaign " Stop taxing workers in London"
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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

DJ equipment Hire London

31st December 2011 Shepherds Bush London
It was our first delivery of DJ equipment in London of the day .

The customer from Surrey Cricket Club required the following equipment: 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers on stands, 400 watt sub bass speaker, 2 x Technics 1210 turntables, Pioneer DJM 600 mixer, 2 x LED lighting effects . Haze smoke machine and microphone.
The venue was the old Shepherds Bush theatre in Uxbridge Road now more commonly used as a Library . There is a bar at the front of the building and this is where we set up the sound and light system.
The DJ equipment was picked up on Jan 2nd by Mr. Sausage our young driver/DJ

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