Wednesday, 23 November 2011

CDJ Hire London

19th Nov 2011
A Straightforward DJ equipment Hire in London at a private address in Westbourne Grove Notting Hill.
The hirer was  a French Tunisian called 'Karim' (Arabic for generous) had not mentioned the 2 flights of stairs that we had to negotiate in order to set up the equipment in his spacious apartment
We used 2 x CDJ 1000 Mk3 CD players  a Crown amp and a pair of EX SX 300 speakers mounted on stands .
Karim had flown over a French DJ for the occasion . Jo who was helping me that day is a DJ too and had a polite exchange of details with this French DJ. As I write this blog we have not yet collected the DJ equipment as when we had arranged to pick it all up - there had been no one at home to open up. Bugger!

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PA system March Rally London

19th November 2011
This was an outdoor PA needed for several speakers at the meeting point at the end of a march  held at the end of King Charles Street (off Whitehall and home to the Treasury and Foreign Office buildings)
The march and meeting was on behalf of the 'Fawcett Society named in 1953 after its founder  Milicent Fawcett who formed the original movement in 1866. The movement is focused on Women's rights
Back to the PA System . We arrived about 10.30 and set up in our van, the PA control and also a hired Diesel generator which we had picked up that morning from  a branch of H.S.S. We used six EV SX 300 speakers four at the 'Clive Steps' end of King Charles Street facing down towards  Whitehall  and two speakers going down the left hand side of the street. Because of the relatively narrow width of the street and the tall terraced buildings lining its sides We got a fantastic sound without cranking up our Crown amplifiers too much.
We used a small portable stage with 1ft risers to give the Orators a little height so as to be seen by the almost 1000 strong mainly female gathering
Everything went well, all the speech makers could be heard and the weather had a lovely autumnal  feel to it .
The nice backdrop of St. James Park was a bonus. Then the hired generator spluttered !!! Was it devoid of fuel? No. Just broke down,. HSS you must get your act together!
The speech makers used their megaphone for a while while we got out our battery operated speaker with radio microphone from the van and proceeded to quickly set it up . Meanwhile one of the speakers (perhaps unluckily for us the most militant that afternoon) took the opportunity to tell the ladies present "You see girls - you can not rely on men to do anything" I had to take that on the chin - no right of reply here. I must add though that Anna the organiser came over and said something to make me feel a little more comfortable after this libellous slur had been uttered! Fortunately the battery operated speaker back up was fantastic and held up for the rest of the afternoon's speeches .
It was all told a memorable day, lovely weather, all the girls from the Fawcett Society were very good to us, even the coppers on duty were happy. My battery operated speaker got a big kiss from me for saving our bacon and HSS got a big raspberry from me for almost having me hung out to dry

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Thursday, 17 November 2011

PA Hire Twickenham London

16th Nov 2011

A small PA system was hired by "Richmond in Bloom" for a talk held at the grand old York Hall in Twickenham London . Shame the Grand old Duke of York was not there!
A gathering of about 80 persons in the 'Salon room' listening to a few speakers and a short Q & A session to follow. The event ran from 6.00 - 8.00p.m. We supplied a Desk mixer with 2 x EV SX300 speakers on stands. One Stage Lectern with an Audio Technica  condenser goose neck microphone attached . We also supplied a handheld radio microphone for the Q & A session.
Andy Dolphin did the set up and sound check for the organisation . The hired sound equipment ran like a dream and everyone was happy
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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Disco for Charity Ball Surrey

11th November 2011

We provided a DJ and disco set up for a chariy event at RAC Woodcote Golf Club in Epsom Surrey on the 11th November
As with most Black tie Dinner& Dances we arrived earlier during the day to set up the equipment which included 2 x EV SX 300 speakers on tripods with an active 400watt sub bass to give some depth to the sound .
Lights were provided as follows . A newly acquired  mega bar of  4 x LED par cans with high luminosity and lots of  settings to vary the light show during the course of the evening. 2 x Par can up lighters (set on a slow colour fade to create a aesthetically pleasing backdrop to the DJ area.  A few intelligent disco lighting effects focused on the dancefllor area to complete the light show. We also provided 2 x radio handheld microphones for the organisers to use..
The charity is called "Riannas Fund" formed after a young girl died tragically in Ashtead when a tree fell on her The parents started to raise money for less fortunate children around the world as a response to this awful event . The Dinner Dance raised over 10k for these wonderful causes.
Our  DJ Julian Welsh ensured that all had a funky time and was warmly applaused at the end of the night

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PA System Karaoke System Hayes London

Nov 14th 2011

This was a promotional event for a DVD launch of  " Kung Fu Panda 2 " whatever that is!!
The 'Shine' team organised the event which was held at the 'Super' Sainsburys branch at Hayes Middx .
Arrived at 10.00a.m. sharp to set up the following sound equipment  2  x Mackie SRM 450 speakers (FOH) 2 x Mackies for stage monitors -  2 x Db Sub bass speakers - 1 x Soundcraft mixing desk - 4 x Shure SM58 microphones with stands - 1 x Karaoke player - 1 x LED TV monitor with stand -  1 x 10ft by 7ft portable stage.
The whole event centred on the recently reformed boy/girl band "Steps" who were going to perform two of their previous hits and 'Kung Fu Fighting ' Lee and Clare were the two Steps members that did their bit for the small but appreciative crowd that was there to see what was going on. My sister in law once had a crush on Lee so I mentioned her to him (always nice to speak to a minor celebrity on a common subject) The whole event lasted an hour and a half . So my helper Mr.Dolphin and I  had a short day. All the hired sound equipment worked well and there were no technical hitches. Terrific!
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Monday, 7 November 2011

Wedding DJ Surrey

5th November 2011
Another sucessful Wedding disco at the Hotel Mitre in Hampton Court Surrey
 The DJ Andy Mason did a great job in keeping the dance floor full for the whole evening. He managed to play all the new couple's specified music requests and had  the rest of the guests dancing .The disco ran from 8.00 - Midnight. We used a small sound system with a intelligent lightshow which is just ideal for the dancing area of the Hotel Mitre. For all enquiries contact  

DJ equipment and Lighting Hire Essex

5th Nov 2011
A barn (Maiden Barn) set in some beautiful Essex country side near Chelmsford was the delivery address for one of our sound systems with an accompanying lightshow
We arrived 9.30 Saturday morning and set up the following : Sound -  2 x CDJ 1000 mk 3 CD decks , Pioneer DJM 800 mixer, 2 x Mackie SRM450 speakers , 2 x DB active  400 watt bass bins. Lights as follows: 2 x Mirror balls with spotlights on Powerdrive stands , 2 x Laser cluster effects, 4 x Martin Acrobat mirror scanner effects (synchronised), 1 x Haze Machine and a projector with stand and screen (as the projector was pointed towards a white wall the screen was dispensed with
Tom (Groom) and Neil (Best Man) were on hand to oversee the set up. Nice guys who had obviously put a lot of time and thought into the whole wedding . It unusual for a client to require so much sound and light equipment for a wedding but we are not complaining.
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Sound Hire London

5th Nov 2011

A simple sound hire job in Fulham London , specifically at Fulham Palace . Short notice booking and an early Sunday delivery . The film crew were shooting a pop video and required a portable battery operated speaker for an outside shoot. Unfortunately as we had such short notice we could not a full charge on the speaker for the commencement of the shooting so the crew had to use their generator to power the speaker for the early part of the shoot until the battery speaker was fully charged. Happy customers and a pleasant venue to deliver to  early arrival.
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