Tuesday 20 October 2015

Stage Lectern Hire London

Stage Lectern Hire near Chislehurst Kent
A straightforward hire of a stage lectern for a celebration day, held at the delightful Scadbury Nature Reserve in Kent. Hired by the Shaw trust who care for physically and mentally handicapped adults
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A1 Pro Entertainments meet Royalty!

Prince William and Mary meet Us!! --NO photos were allowed!!

The Event took place in the foyer area of Harrow College on 10th October 2015
It was held by the charity MIND who run and organise fund raising events for the unfortunatly mentally ill members of society. A high attendance was in store. Event ran for about 2 hours which included and involved a few speeches.
Nothing special then! Just so happened that the VIP guests were no less than The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate)! Young Joe who was operating the sound levels had the good fortune to shake their hands.(He hasn’t had a bath since!)
It essentially was a portable sound system (PA system) - Speakers & 1 x microphone on a stand.
A small stage of 2 x 2 metres was provided with black curtaining
Clients were very happy with the sound guy Joe (Son of Alan)  and the PA system with stage supplied
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Pa Hire Table Microphoine Conference

The Event took place in one of the rooms at the illustrious One Cornhill in the City of London on the 17th September 2015
It was a panel discussion for the Realization Group for about 70 people.
A high attendance was in store. Event ran for about 3 hours included a powerpoint presentation.
It essentially was a table mic stand rental (we needed five) with AKG D5 microphones plus PA system including 3 x EV SX300 Speakers & 1 x radio microphones with stands.
Also it was a hire for a projector and pull up screen (not used on this occasion ).
Clients were very happy with the PA system supplied
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Thursday 17 September 2015

Corporate Event -Festival London

The Event took place at Tavistock Square (famous for its statue of Ghandi and other peace inspiring historical figures from the past) for The Mill company .The event aptly named ‘Millfest’ on the 20th August 2015
The corporate party for this London based company holding a mini festival for employees and clients alike. Activities, food, drink (lots of) Musicians and  disco and Games to keep everyone occupied. Esp. the drink which was all free
WE used a Portable stage hire ( only a small platform with black curtaining to give it a professional look) This was for the DJ in front of which a few musicians were performing. WE supplied the bands a PA system using the great sounding JBLPRX 635 ( FOH Speakers & desk mixer) with Mackie  stage monitors, the superb  AKG D5  microphones with stands.. Set up included making sure all cable runs were safe and tidy set in the tranquil setting of the superb looking Square, a thorough sound check and constant liaison with the organisers to ensure the positioning of the PA system. We also set up 4 EV speakers strategically positioned around the square so all present could hear the music. Set at different volumes to the main PA System.
The Guest DJ used the following equipment  2 x CDJ 2000’s rental. and Pioneer DJM mixer with JBL PRX 635 speakers. DJ equipment hire with delivery set up and collection. Hiring a  sound system with  lighting effects  on this occasion.
There was also a requirement for uplighter Hire at this event. Using a strong purple to illuminate the trees within the square to great effect
Clients were very happy with the PA system Lighting etc. supplied and the service provided
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Thursday 2 July 2015

PA Hire for Rally in Whitehall London

Outdoor PA

Outdoor PA Hire in Whitehall London June 2015.  
The Outdoor PA system was for a rally opposite No.10 Downing St in Whitehall London. The organisation were called “Children Have Rights” and they were drawing everyone’s attention to the “swept under the carpet” allegations of child abuse amongst the higher echelons of society
This was a hire for an outside PA system including Speakers with QSC amplification & radio microphones with cabled  microphones on stands
WE specifically used 4 x EV SX300 speakers (outside speakers) powered by QSC amplifiers. Pioneer 4 Channel Mixer and a Shure SM58 radio microphone
Clients were very happy with the outside PA system supplied. We set up on the stage outside the Ministry of Defence
We placed additional speakers at the end of the terraced garden where the rally took place for the people at the back.
Less than expected turnout and some very angry and passionate speakers talking. But I guess they have a lot to be angry and passionate about!
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