Tuesday 20 October 2015

A1 Pro Entertainments meet Royalty!

Prince William and Mary meet Us!! --NO photos were allowed!!

The Event took place in the foyer area of Harrow College on 10th October 2015
It was held by the charity MIND who run and organise fund raising events for the unfortunatly mentally ill members of society. A high attendance was in store. Event ran for about 2 hours which included and involved a few speeches.
Nothing special then! Just so happened that the VIP guests were no less than The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (William and Kate)! Young Joe who was operating the sound levels had the good fortune to shake their hands.(He hasn’t had a bath since!)
It essentially was a portable sound system (PA system) - Speakers & 1 x microphone on a stand.
A small stage of 2 x 2 metres was provided with black curtaining
Clients were very happy with the sound guy Joe (Son of Alan)  and the PA system with stage supplied
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