Friday, 24 February 2012

PA System Hire Park Lane Hilton

20th February 2012

The venue was the infamous Park Lane Hilton nr. Hyde Park London . Blink Productions were running the event .
The Staging, lighting and star clothed drapes (which incidentally cloaked all 4 walls of the 35 x 25 meter room) Cocktail bar with a 2 meter deep black tiled and disco lighted floor were all supplied from other sources.
We at A1 Pro Entertainments were providing  the PA system for the DJ and an acoustic Duo .
Marc from Blink Productions wanted surround sound that was essentially for background effect. In total we used 8 EV SX 300 speakers equally spaced around the main room and the Ante Room, powered by the awesome Crown Macro Tech amps . Shard the DJ supplied the control (Mixer and CD decks ) This was plumbed into  the master Desk we were using that night, namely a Soundcraft EFX 14. Myself and Barney exacted the installation which was made easier by the fact that all the long cable runs could be hidden behind the drapes . The Musicians were unfortunately placed a good 20 metres from the control area. We ran one monitor speaker for them and DI'd their guitar.The singer who was fantastic ( did not get her name) used  a radio microphone. For Shard (the DJ) we gave him a Mackie SRM 450 for a monitor (Spoilt)! and a sub bass just so that he could have a bit of bottom end . The sound was good and everyone seemed happy
The shenanigans involved in the Loading bay area /Security Guys obviously caused a problem or two but for once I managed to complete a London delivery and set up and not get ticketed or pay some OTT parking fee

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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mobile Disco Hampton Court Surrey

18th Feb 2012 Hampton Court Surrey

As we are getting some photos ready for showing on our website we set up some extra lighting effects to compliment the disco lights that we already use at the venue which is our regular work place "The Carlton Mitre". So besides 2 intelligent lighting effects and a small cluster laser we also used 4 RGBW (Red Green Blue White) Par 64 Par Can up lighters and an extra laser light. The results were brilliant making the dancing area of the Pavillion room look like a mini Night Club. The DJ (Julian English) used a Twin Denon CD player with a QSC amplifier driving 2 Electrovoice SX 200's
Tonight's event was a 50th birthday party and was attended by  a mixed group of about 40 people. Most propel danced and an eclectic mix of music was played to the diverse range of guests present
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Thursday, 16 February 2012

PA Sound sytems Hire Battersea Power Station

15th February 2012 PA System Hire

A multiple sound system hire for a company called 'Blink Productions' who were putting together a promotional film shoot for the SSX Play Station Snow Boarding game at Battersea Power Station London.
We arrived about 10.45 am Wednesday morning with 4 Sound systems to install . Each comprised of 2 speakers, desk mixer and a CD player. We used a combination of brands and models. Specifically  Electrovice SX 300 speakers, Mackie SRM 450 Speakers, Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD players and Pioneer DJM mixers . All the set ups were identical in as much as they all had 2 x speakers, 1 x Desk Mixer, 1 x CD player and an iPod connecting lead. Two PA systems were inside and two  were installed outside. One of the outside ones was up 10 flights of stairs below the chimney line of the Power Station, fortunately we were helped with the lugging! and rewarded by some spectacular views over London. The systems were to give the participants and the selected audience a sense of atmosphere during the filming . It seemed to do the trick according to the main event organiser Marc Davidson.
Myself and Barney very much enjoyed the interesting nature of the set up including looking at the inside of the old Power Station building imagining the huge turbines that would once have been housed here. It is now empty shell looking like a set from an apocalyptic futuristic city.
We picked up the sound systems later that night and watched some of the crew zooming down the 500 meter cable from the roof of the station down on to the purpose built platform situated on the ground level.
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Friday, 10 February 2012

Karaoke Hire Camden London

6th Feb 2012

A small company staff party weer holding what can be only termed as a corporate event at the Adelaide Pub in Camden London on a Monday night . Barney the Bolt delivered a basic set up to the pub earlier in that evening. Using a Karaoke Cd based system comprising of 3 cabled microphones, Numark twin CD player, Flat TV screen, 2 x Mackie SRM 450 speakers, all stands and cables. 4500 songs on Karaoke discs with the appropriate song books and request slips for the customers. They operated the rented Karaoke equipment successfully and evidently all present enjoyed themselves
The event ran on quite late so Barney picked up the karaoke equipment the following day  which alas meant that we had to pay 2 lots of congestion charges.
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