Friday 21 June 2019

Outdoor PA Hire at Hyde Park for the charity “Compassion in World Farming” Weather was lovely. Clients set up equipment as we had merely dropped the stuff at their HQ in Godalming
The Event (STOP LIVE TRANSPORT:INTERNATIONAL DAY OF AWARENESS) took place in the Park last Friday afternoon.  Below is an extract from their website:
“Over 150 actions took place in 43 countries to demonstrate opposition to this horrific trade. People across the globe have spoken up for the millions of animals that suffer in long distance transportation.Every year, tens of thousands of UK farm animals are forced to travel for hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles for fattening or slaughter. They routinely experience pain, stress, overcrowding, exhaustion and dehydration. Some even die in these horrific conditions. A recent undercover investigation released by Compassion revealed the horrific suffering these animals are subjected to”.
This was a hire for an outside PA system including 2 x Battery Powered Speakers  and a wireless microphone The Outdoor Speakers have the facility to play music through iPods and various microphones for musicians, announcements and presentations. The two speakers we hired were ample for the 200 plus crowd that had turned up to listen to the speakers
Clients were very happy with the outside PA system supplied. For all your corporate events, sports days ,school fetes and most outdoor events you can us for your our PA System Hire and Outdoor Speaker Hire & Microphone rental requirements please contact us at