Thursday 17 March 2016

PA Hire with Portable Stage


The Event took place in the foyer area of Harrow College on 16th March 2016

It was held by the company Gemini  IT who were holding a panel discussion on Apprenticeships  vs University options for young persons. Event ran for about 2 hours which included and involved a few speeches with Q & A.

It essentially was a  sound system (PA system) – comprising  of 2 Speakers & 5 x AKG microphones on a stands 8channel mixing desk with a sound Operator

With a Senheiser Lapel microphone for the host.

A big stage of 6 x 2 metres was provided with black curtaining and curved ends. It had to accommodate 7 tall stools

Clients were very happy with the sound quality and the ease of set up ( which was carried out by myself and son Alfie)  and the PA system with the portable stage supplied

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