Sunday, 23 September 2012

PA System South London Stockwell

Sound hire Stockwell London 22nd Sept 2012

Stockwell community Festival Larkhall Park London was the event and location  which we were providing there different sound systems for hire all of them mainly been used for bands and musicians
A glorious day in South London set the scene for a trouble free day in South London.
Joe and I go there about 9.15 am. and started the 1st set up in the "Cavendish Arms Tent". We used our new JBL PRX635 1500 watt speakers for F.O.H. and the awesome 800 watt DB Technologies Opera Sub Bass 15 as well. Two Mackie SRM450s as stage monitors and the wonderful 22ch Mackie ProFX22 mixing desk. Using 4 SM58 with stands, a multicore running although the distance between the desk and singers was actually quite short and therefore not needed.All the bands were providing their own back-line stuff
The second marquee ("Peace Tent") had no stage. Here we used 2 x Mackie SRM450s as F.O.H with a smaller 400watt DB Technologies Opera sub bass 12 . Two active DB Opera 15's were used as stage monitors Sound craft EFX12 desk & 4 x Senheiser microphones with stands.
Both performing areas  were supplied with Behringer D.I Boxes
Lastly the 3rd set up was the easiest. Using the extremely versatile and compact Yamaha Stage PAS500 system and two AKG microphones for the acts that were performing that day.
Techically we had no problems save a few iPods that had some low bit-rate recordings on them and therefore sounded naff thru our PA systems
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