Monday, 10 September 2012

"Eid" outdoor PA Events Goodmayes & Kingsbury

"Eid" outdoor PA Events Goodmayes & Kingsbury w/e August 18th 2012

Monty & Jalaal from 1Eid booked ourselves as they have done for the last 4 Eid events marking the end of Ramadan
Both PA systems that we hired out were both housed in huge marquees that could house 1000' of followers.
Kingsbury first in Fryent Park and then across London to Goodmayes near Stratford East London (full of takeaways this place) to the site which was a local schools playing field. We set up the PA systems on the Friday afternoon hiring a big VW Crafter van to take all the extra equipment required. The van was fantastic, economical and it is lovely to walk around in a van when you are sorting out the equipment.
We used for each set up a 2 x 2 meter portable stage which was appropriate for the number of speakers to be present.. A stage lectern with condenser microphone . We placed all the speakers at strategic intervals throughout the marquees. Using a pair of JBL PLX 535 s and 6 x EV speakers for each site. Sound was clear and adequate. Mixing desk and amplifiers were situated by the stages.
The systems were used for general announcements on the Saturday and on Sunday (which was the actual day of Eid) was used for prayer , fundraising and general announcements again.
All went well but the Friday of the Goodmayes set up, there was no generator for power and therefore we could not fully test and show the hirers how to use the PA. WE paid dearly for this omission as the equipment had not been used properly and five of my speakers had blown horns which may have been the result of excessive feedback on the microphones (which if we had had the opportunity to show the operation of the installed system would have very likely not happened.)
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