Monday, 10 September 2012

Lighting/Staging Wimbledon AFC Band event

Lighting/Staging Kingsmeadow Football Ground 1st September 2012

Jim (the commercial manager at Wimbledon AFC) was promoting an event for the Kingsmeadow Football ground in Kingston Surrey involving the band "From the Jam" which did include Bruce Foxton.
We arrive a day early has Jim wanted to to prepare as best he could for what in the Kingsmeadow calendar is a big event
WE hired out a 5 meter x 2 meter portable stage plus an array of lighting effects which include the following 4 x PAR Cans floor up-lighters which were eventually used as par cans on the ceiling (not the floor),haze machine, Equinox megabar of LED flat par cans,2 x martin acrobats. Not all the effects were used ,evidently the band were moaning about this and that and even the new sound system (which was not ours) got some criticism.I have found over the year the ' techcos' and band members of smaller bands can be up their own -----. They seem to forget that once they were playing in front of 50 pissed students with a crap sound system and that'd be on a good night!!
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