Sunday, 23 September 2012

Lighting Hire West London

Lighting hire Bayswater London 20th September 2012

Whiteleys (in their luxurious Odeon cinema called the 'Lounge') at Bayswater was the location for a lighting hire job that we were doing for a Vodafone corporate event.
The lighting was actually been used in one of the cinemas during the day before an actual film showing later that night.
They wanted 4 spotlights to illuminate a table that would have 4 persons chairing the conference.  Four LED parcan uplighters hired to give a colour fade wash on the blank cinema screen and the 'coup de grace' a couple of lasers hired to give a 'wow' factor effect at the end of the event.
Realy nic guys from Vodaphone and they paid in advance (very trusting set of souls). The guy from Whitelys on site was called Alex and whilst setting up he  treated my ears to some vintage Bowie tracks. You know my job is great sometimes .
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