Monday, 1 October 2012

Outdoor PA System Marathon Ealing London

PA System Hire  Ealing Half Marathon 30th Sept 2012

Sound system hire for outdoors in Ealing West London. It was the 1st one organised by the local running club. Over 4000 entrants and an impressive turnout of 3500 runners. Starting and finishing in Lammas Park,West Ealing London.
We arrived at 6.30 a.m. still dark at that time to set up two sound systems . One at the starting  line and one at the finishing line. Using EV speakers at both points strategically placed to get maximum coverage. Radio headset microphones were supplied to the fitness instructors who ran the 'warm up'. The main commentator who was an amazing speaker used a Shure SM58 microphone for all the warm up banter and the countdown for the actual start.A volunteer called Russell supplied some 'wake up' music on his iPod that sounded very impressive through our speakers
The sound system at the finishing line had to be powered by our Honda silent generator and it was more than adequate for the Crown amplified driven EV PA system. The 1st runner clocked in about 1 hour and seven minutes. The majority finished under 3 hours where refreshments and St. Johns Ambulance crews awaited!
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