Wednesday, 24 October 2012

PA System Hire Soho London

PA system hire for Band London 19th October 2012

PA system Hire for musicians in a beautiful building called House of St.Barnabas (formerly a charitable building - amongst its past uses was a 'Womens hostel' ) the back of Greek Street Soho London was the job in hand.
This was an acoustic session played by Andy Burrows formerly of Razorlight to help promote their forthcoming album attended by musical journalists. It was to be played in a chapel that was part of this great building. The chapel itself was small and absolutely beautiful
Inevitable sound checks went fine but the sound levels were a contentious Issue.Namely the venue wanted them quiet and the band predictably wanted them louder.
Using the fantastic Yamaha Pas 500 stage system with the addition of two stage monitors, two DI boxes with of course microphones and stands.
After the sound check a lunch of sandwiches and cakes (very nice) was served.
The actual session was very successful. Sound was brilliant an the journalists very impressed with Andy Burrows & Co
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