Monday, 16 July 2012

PA System Victoria Embankment Gardens

 Victoria Embankment Gardens PA Hire C.R.Y. July 15th 2012

A lovely Sunday morning in London ( a rare occurrence this year!) specifically the lovely Victoria Embankment Gardens on the Embankment near Hungerford Bridge.
The event was a fundraiser for C.R.Y (Cardiac Risk in the Young). A multiple person walk across 8 London bridges.
Several hundred people gathered in the Gardens at the Bandstand area where we had set up the PA System. WE used 4 x EV Speakers, Soundcraft 14 channel mixing desk, 1 x radio microphone and a Shure SM58 mic on stand. Their fitness (warm up ) instructor Kirk used his iphone through the sound system to play music during his warm up set. I installed the speakers etc with my 13 yr old son Arthur partly so he could experience London on a Sunday morning (Quieter).The good weather a positive plus!
The PA system worked perfectly . The whole event was quite moving especially as most of the attendees had a photo of their loved one printed on the back of their T. Shirts
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