Thursday, 12 July 2012

Outdoor Event Charlton London

Sports Day Charlton School London 6th July 2012

Charlton school in the London Borough of Greenwich looks after mentally and physically disadvantaged secondary age school kids.Today was their annual sports day
The weather was atrocious and when I got there at 8.30a.m.I anticipated that the event would be called off. Made of sterner stuff these guys! - the show went on. I waited whilst these poor fellows were erecting all the marquees/tents on the edge of the running track.
Today our hired outdoor PA System was to be powered by our brand new Honda 3KVa silent generator. It was its 1st outing and trouble free it was , better than some horrendous previous experiences I've had hiring dodgy generators from HSS.
We used 4 strategically placed EV speakers driven by a Crown amp and a Pioneer DJM mixer with one Shure SM58 radio microphone and a cabled mic as a back up.The sound was more than adequate and was crisp and clear to the ear.
Neil (one of the teachers) was unfortunately a 'Chelsea supporter' played 'Liqidator' (that hijacked reggae monster tune)!! on his iPod Boo Sacrilege
The event despite the weather was a cracking success. Th Greenwich mayor opened proceedings  the PA system worked a treat and everyone was happy. 
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