Monday, 16 July 2012

Outdoor PA Surrey Archery Association

14th July 2012 Outdoor PA Tolworth

A wet weekend in prospect but this bunch of Archery enthusiasts were holding  a National competition regardless at the Kingston University sports ground in Tolworth Surrey.
Arrived a day early to set up an outdoor sound system in the grounds of the playing fields where the competition was due to take place. Mark Preston was the event organiser on site. We had to have our sound system  taken over in a buggy across the soft grass. The groundsmen were every serious about their jobs and we were not allowed to take our van over to where the tents had been set up to accommodate the PA System. Using a sound desk, Shure SM58 radio microphone and 4 x EV SX 300 speakers driven by a C.Audio amplifier. A great clear sound putting the speakers facing different parts of the arena so an all round sound was achieved .
The event was a 2 day affair and except for one hours rain on the Saturday the event enjoyed acceptable weather
Organisers were very impressed by the service that they received
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