Thursday, 24 April 2014

PA Islamic Conference Dec 2014

PA system for Islamic Event at the Connaught Rooms London 22nd December 2014

Biggest PA system hire set up we as a company have been invoved with. Essentailly several sound systems set up over five floors and in some instances, two set up within  two rooms of the floors.
Arriving at 5.00a.m.  The AV already in situ organized by Neil of Fig Tree Films . We set about the task of making sure there was audible sound in all the pre designated areas. Taking a sound link from the projectors/video players which were set up on all floors was reasonably easy. Had spent a couple of days planning the cable runs and speaker distribution so we were well prepared.
The main room where the lectures and talks were coming from was the area for the maon sound sytem. Using EV SX300 s for the hall area and the JBL PRX635's for the stage with Mackie SRM450 sound monitors. We supplied an enjineer for the day to operate the desk and control the miciophone volumes.
As with most big events - there can be problems which means thinking on your feet. Neil from the AV company had a cable that caught fire making a couple of rooms 'sound less'. One of my roadies fell violently sick and I had to call in a replacement. Got a parking ticket just for good luck (Appealed and won!) But at the end of the day the audio system and service provided by our company was faultless

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