Thursday, 24 April 2014

CDJ 1000 Hire London

CDJ 1000 hire London 7th November 2014

Rental for full PA with CDJ 1000's and DJM 800 mixer in Triton Square London for top female DJ Natalie Murray
Cold November evening. Venue not ready for us!! Me and Andy hung out for a while. We were missing a figure of eight mains laed so went down Tottenham court road to buy one. Fleeced for £11.00 at PC World. Set up gear outside on pavement! The hires dragged it in after we left. Not how we like to do things at A1 Pro Entertainments but left little choice as venue was not ready for us.
All equipment worked excellently with JBL PRX 635's Mackie SRM4500 for monitor and of course Pioneers CDJ 1000's and DJM 800. Difficult to go wrong really!.
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