Thursday, 24 January 2013

Rent Karaoke system in Windlesham

Karaoke Hire at Woodcote House School in Windlesham 18th January 2013

Asked to rent a Karaoke system Set up early lunchtime as I had a meeting at the hotel Mitre (dress rehearsal for a staff party ) to attend
Today was very snowy and it had settled quite deeply in the Surrey area where I was travelling to. Ergo slow journey.
Found the boarding school where the Karaoke hire was taking place and proeceded to set upvthe equipment in their Gym/School Hall.
Simple Karaoke hire incuding a twin Karaoke CD player,'bang up to date' song catalogue ,SM58 microphones,Mackie speakers ,flat TV sceen and stand and a few LED disco lights 
Great evening ,very happy customers. Collected the equipnet that evening despite the snowy conditions
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