Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Corporate Karaoke London

X Factor Karaoke night Mayfair London 20th December 2012

Specialising in X-Factor karaoke nights for those events where you want more than your typical Karaoke 'down the pub' show
So what did we provide at this event for a law firm called Fosters in swanky Mayfair London?
Firstly a 2 x 2 metre carpeted portable stage , 2 x flat TV screens . Radio microphones for the singers plus SM58 microphones on stands,stage monitors, 2 x front of house EV speakers, 12 channel desk mixer with reverb effects. par can up lighters for the stage backdrop and an equinox LED mega bar to give the singers a light show to perform under, an operator to load the karaoke songs, play background music and liaise with the compere.
The night was a noisy affair , four employees with paper masks representing the judges normally associated with the X Factor programme e.g. Cheryl Cole, Louis, Gary Barlow etc and a further employee pretending to be the host of X.Factor (Demott). All played their parts brilliantly with help of copious amounts of alcohol, especially the judges!
The singers to be fair were above average and a couple who sang "Fairytale of New York" won a bottle of champagne for their troubles
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