Friday, 30 November 2012

Karaoke with Compere Holborn London

Karaoke Night Holborn London 15th November 2012

Karaoke DJ at the All star lanes Club in Holborn London was the job in hand this night

A great venue off Bloomsbury Square Central London. The setting was in a small bar room off the bowling lanes area  where there was an  handy built in sound system which we plumbed the Karaoke system through.
The company running the corporate event was "Gumtree"  . Running a talent contest throughout the evening which was only interrupted when the winners of the bowling competitions were announced.
The karaoke system held its own and lots of songs were song by the very enthusiastic customers. Running through until 11.30 - finished with some impromptu dancing to the delight of a very happy crowd

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