Monday, 5 November 2012

Karaoke Hire Canary Wharf London

Karaoke system Hire Canary Wharf London 31st October 2012

Karaoke system Hire  in Canary Wharf London on the top penthouse suite on the top of the Pan Peninsular Bldg in Canary Wharf was the job in hand
Hired by the strangely named restaurant (Tomkins & the Attic) 'Tomkins' been the restaurant part on the Ground floor and the 'Attic' being the bar/venue on th 48th floor
Took my daughter Carla (half tern and over from Ireland) to come for the ride. Once we met Jose, the manager and got the equipment and parking organised we were zooming up the lift to the 48th floor. Was ot worth it -yes indeedy. Views were spectacular and being a clear day wonderful to befold as well..
Put the karaoke system thru the DJ Booth and one of the TVs behind a smoked glass screen . The setting was exactly what you;d a expect from a penthouse suite -  plush - posh expensively furnished - beautiful modern interior. It was so posh that I took ages making sure that all the cables were neatly hidden or covered so the equipment blended in rather than being anachronistic. As it was a DIY karaoke hire - I have no idea how the evening went. I know that this was an trial  experiment and with 'Karaoke expereiments' there can be a varying degress of sucess in terms of attendance and participation.
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