Thursday, 7 June 2012

PA System Hire Woolwich School

Outdoor PA System 30th May 2012  Woolwich School

Regular clients of ours these days 'Cardwell Primary School' in Woolwich"
This was an event for the pupils of the school celebrating the Queens Diamond Jubilee
Anna Sullivan is the teacher who books us . Arrived nice and early to set up a straightforward sound system for their event which was been held in the playground. Using 4 x EV SX300 speakers with crown amplifier driving them. A Pioneer DJM mixer was used as they only required the one radio microphone and facility to play their iPod thru the mix was provided too.
The sound system was used for a 2 hour period and with not enough time to go home I strolled into Woolwich , had some lunch, went to 'Poundland' and then crossed the river on the ferry  - yes I did return. 12 crossings an hour and taking about 30 vehicles on each trip. Yes I was a little bored.
Returned to the school just as the rain came down. The staff had already sent the kids inside and tarpaulinned my sound equipment. Thank you Cardwell .
Very successful day. Unfortunately on the way hone as approaching Junction 2 on the M25 I remembered I had left my Diary in a plastic bag in the playground. Shit!
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