Thursday, 7 June 2012

Outdoor PA Jubilee Event Northwood

Outdoor PA June 2nd at Northwood F.C.

Up and nice and early arriving at Northwood F.C in Herts at 8.30a.m. This was a large outdoor PA system that we hired to a group organising a big fun Day for the local community.
We used a Mackie mixing desk that was brand new ( took a little getting used to !) 4 FOH speakers with a supplementary 800 watt sub bass and amplification. Two Mackie SRM450 stage monitors and two zoned speakers for a second arena  that was about 20 metres away form the main arena where the stage had been set up. Six SM58 microphones on stands that were ostensibly going to be used for a choir  and lastly two radio microphones. We sound checked and left the organisers happy with the  system running. The weather largely held out for the day and all the acts etc were warmly appreciated. by the spectators and there were no hitches with the equipment. Luckily Tim (organiser) and his colleague were previously lighting engineers and were able to operate the sound equipment satisfactorily.
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