Saturday, 17 December 2011

Karaoke Hire Staging hire London

15th December 2011
A big event held at the 'Grace bar' in Soho London for Turner Broadcasting
A nightmare to deliver - Great Windmill Strret with parking restruictions (i.e. none!)
Fortunately there were three of us Andy Spirit, my son Alfie and me (Jon Blackman). Alfie was on 'Traffic Warden watch' and Andy and I set up the Karaoke system and staging. We used a karaoke player, Dyancord mixer, 4 SM58 microphones and a Flat TV screen with stand plus 2 x EV SX 300 speakers. We hooked the video signal into the 42" Plasma Screen that had been supplied for our use only. We used 2 x 1 meter square carpeted modular stage pieces to create a small staging area for the singers.
Hectic night not helped by the fact we were crammed into a tiny area and subsequently experienced problems with some of the sound levels partly because there was a very large crowd who wanted it louder and as the speakers were so close together due to the limited set-up area there were consequent  feedback issues from the microphones when the volume levels were increased.
We got out of there alive minus one SM58 microphone which we will endeavour to retrieve. Typical London office party - a lot of very drunk over excitable patrons but nonetheless it all went well on the night
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