Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Karaoke Hire London

1st December 2011

The Red Room in Ealing opposite Ealing Broadway station was the venue where we were delivering a Digital Karaoke system to.It was a corporate event held by a company based in the Ealing area. A charming Asian gut called Jonathan Chan was the hirer.
We had to take the equipment down a flight of stairs to a large reddish room. The room already had a DJ booth and lights so we did not bring any intelligent  light effects down with us. We used the following equipment: Media Hard Drive with an amazing 11000 songs, Dynacord 9 channel mixing Desk, 2 x Electrovoive speakers, 3 Senhieser microphones , 15" flat TV with its own stand. All fitted into a convenient area opposite the DJ Booth..
The karaoke night finished earlier than expected and the party went into Disco-mode. Andy Dolphin picked up the karaoke equipment and Jonathan emailed me in the morning to tell me that everything had run very smoothly
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