Monday, 3 October 2011

Karaoke with Compere

28th September 2011

We hired out a Karaoke system to the company Unilever in Kingston Surrey this Wednesday. They required a compere/DJ to operate the equipment and help to run the corporate event.
The Karaoke evening was held at their offices in Kingston Surrey. The compere "Andy Dolphin" arrived in  plenty of time to set up. Used  a karaoke player, 5000 songs. LCD TV, Mixing desk, Audio Technica 'Midnight Blue' microphone, Mackie SRM 450 speakers. All stands and leads of course. The evening started with a music quiz with Andy operating and an employee of the company doing the questions. Once this had finished - straight inti Karaoke. All present had a wonderful time thanks to Andy's personality and the high quality sound equipment that we used on the night
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