Saturday, 8 October 2011

DJ Equipment Hire London

7th October 2011

We hired out DJ equipment to the Law Society who were having a party on the "Viscountess" which was departing from Lambeth Pier London on Friday night.
Parking always a nightmare here (two prior parking contraventions ) but as twas past 6.30 the problems were lessened. The rig hired was composed of 2 x Pioneer CDJ 1000's . 1 x Pioneer DJM 800 . 2 x EV SX 300 speakers powered by a C.Audio amplifier and a DB Technologies sub bass unit. A couple of lights were used a small cluster lase and a Acme Matrix LED effect. Two Law Society students kindly helped us lift the equipment onto the boat.
At midnight I arrive at Westminster Pier to exact the pick up. Great start! I got on the wrong boat (there were 2 boats simultaneously docking and off boarding their passengers. After realising my mistake I boarded the correct boat. Lots of young good looking slaw students in their dinner suits and gowns merry making as they started their trudge to the Embankment road. Meanwhile some of us have to wotrk! Dismantled the sound equipment so that it was ready to be taken off the boat . I drove back to Lambeth Pier where the boat met up with me . From here I took all the gear to my van, the gangplank was horizontal as the tide had come in which made my job  alot easier. The event had run smoothly and the hired sound equipment had lived up to its task
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