Monday, 22 August 2011

Karaoke Disco High Wycombe

We provided a great Karaoke Disco set up at a beautiful house for a 50th birthday in the High Wycombe area on Saturday 20th August. We arrived the previous day to set up the equipment in the celebrant's marquee. We used a Karaoke Twin CD player so that it could be used for disco purposes as well. 2 x EV SX 300 speakers, a Dynacord 600 Powermate mixer amp (used for its ability to take multiple microphones and possesses an excellent on board effects processor for reverb/echo etc. We used Audio Technica microphones ("Midnight Blues" as they are known). We left the customer  a spare channel on the mixing desk so that his kids could put their iPhones thru it to plat their own music before our Surrey based DJ Jon Henry arrived on Saturday night. The Karaoke was very successful Jon had a queue of wannabe pop stars for most of the evening!
The DJ had been booked from 7.30 -10.30 but as the evening was so successful, he carried on into the early hours before our client finally had had enough
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