Thursday, 18 August 2011

Band PA Hackney August 2011

A lawyer celebrating his 40th birthday party in an East London terraced house. Our client had a 2 piece band performing in his own house with an expected crowd of 60 guests. We used a 10 channel Dynacord 600 powered mixing desk (has its own built in vocal effects which are of an excellent quality) Two EV Sx 300 speakers wre more than adequate for the small room that it was set up in. Our client wanted to play his own play list form his iPod  - so just a case of supplying a signal lead to facilitate this requirement.The musician needed a Shure SM58 microphone for vocals and a Shure SM57 mic for a saxophone. A guitar was DI'd thru the mixing desk. No room for any stage monitors but was not a problem. The client said the Musicians were more than happy with the sound quality and his praise of our delivery and collection service was of a very benign demeanour
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