Monday, 27 April 2015

Outdoor Public Address System in Brighton

The Event was the annual Jaguar Car convention held in Madeira Drive on the Brighton seafront on 26th April 2015.
A nice day. I was helped by my son Arthur, handy as I managed to pull a back muscle as I was lifting the generator that we were hiring out. Later that afternoon went off and had a lovely ‘Mexican’ in the Laines.
3-400 Jaguars arrived sporadically during the late morning to early afternoon hours. Never knew that there were so many different models within the Jaguar range!
We were hired by “Kelsey Media” who wanted us to facilitate a list of young local musicians from B.I.M. The first act started about 11.30 and the last act finished at 4.00p.m. The set up was not ideally located within the area where the Jaguars were parked up, meaning the very talented musicians did not get the audiences that they so richly deserved
It essentially was a portable sound system including the  PA system - Speakers & 3 x Shure SM58 microphones with stands.
A small stage of 4 x 2 metres was provided with black curtaining for the bands to stand on plus we brought our silent generator for power
Clients were very happy with the sound and service & stage supplied
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