Thursday, 19 March 2015

Karaoke in Eton Windsor 18th Party

The event took place at the Waterman's Arms in posh 'Eton on 14th March 2015
It was an 18th party for mainly friends and family. The pub had a very sensitive decibel meter that frequently cut the music off. It could have spoilt the evening but the guests were very understanding
Using a touch screen digital Karaoke system hire with lighting effects. We used a Karaoke laptop package (not our Karaoke CD package) with speakers, microphones, Desk Mixer and a TV for the singers. Easy to use DIY Karaoke package! Plus a full compliment of music to dance to, after all this was a Karaoke with DISCO! Our DJ/Compere was Rich Lassie
The organisers said that all went very well and commented on the good sound quality and the personable style of our Surrey & London based DJ who presented the evening.
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