Saturday, 4 May 2013

PA Hire Outdoor Rally (Heathrow Expansion)

PA System Hire (Boris Johnson used our microphone!) 27th April 2013

2500 persons attended this cross party anti-expansion of Heathrow airport rally at Barns Elm playing fields  next to the Wetland Nature reserve in South West London. The rally was largely organized by Zak Goldsmith ,the Tory MP for Richmond
We had to use a silent generator to power the sound system - Using our normal outdoor set up as follows: 8 x EV SX 300 speakers powered by Crown amps, Shure SM58 radio mic system and a Pioneer Desk .
Myself and son Barney took about an hour to set up . The speech deliverers were to be on on a small stand next to the Athletic track. We were situated by the stands side
Gyles Brandraft was hosting the event and what a charming funny fellow he is. Doing  a fantastic warm up to the London Mayor Boris Johnson's eagerly awaited slot. Worth waiting for? Yes he was good despite the fact that his arguments could be seen as a tad hypocritical!
Most West London boroughs were represented by their local MPs who had according to Gyles 'Just one minute' to deliver their speeches. The morning went quickly and one of my abiding memories will be of the 'Paparazzi' treatment of the prime minster in waiting. Boris Johnson
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