Thursday, 28 March 2013

Lighting Uplighter Hire Grafiiti Tunnel Waterloo

Lasers & Uplighter Hire Waterloo London 4th March 2013

Lights and Smoke machine Hire in London specifically in the Graffiti Tunnel which is part of  a labyrinth of old railway tunnels known collectively as the 'Old Vic Tunnels' near Waterloo station
We were hired by Tro-Group  who were organising a 6K run through London as part of a promotion of a new trainer shoe manufactured by the Sporting Clothing giant Nike. This being one our bigger and more interesting events so far this year.
The organiser Michelle wanted lots of Pink lighting and loads of smoke  for the runners to race through with the accompanying sounds of two Beatbox singers. It had to be "Urban"
It was definitely that. Over the course of three nights we witnessed a vicious brawl between some drunk East Europeans , an anarchic group of urban street singers with their loud stereo and the normal selection of waifs and strays.
My son Barney helped with the install. Using ten battery operated up lighter par cans set to a pink colour,. 2 x bank of 4 scanners and two pink lasers. The 'coup de grace' was a hired Jem low fog machine known as a Glaciator (£5000.00 to buy new) which with the help of ducting threw out a huge dense cloud of fog which was needed as the considerable down draught coming through the tunnel made the fog dissipate rather quickly. Using a 6KVA generator to power the 'Glaciator. and a Honda 3KVA generator to power the lights
The event was partly promoted by using British Olympians inc. the delectable Hannah England doing photo-shoots amongst the light-show
The whole production was very challenging but enjoyable mainly down to the uniqueness and location of the event.
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