Monday, 30 April 2012

Karaoke Event Kilburn London

Karaoke night KIlburn Pub 26th April 2012

This was an event that took place in an Irish pub called "The Coribb" in kIlburn for a company called Chellozone. Darius Dodd was the guy who booked our Karaoke services for the party
which was run on the same lines as "Britain's Got Talent " with a panel of Judges, a film crew and of course our Karaoke system including the PA ,Radio Mic for the host and extra lighting.
The panel of judges even had a Simon Cowell ''sound a like'' and ''comment a like'' called Richard Cowell!
Five entries, most singing awfully. It was a tongue in cheek event which was run very well with plenty of good humour knocking around. Good pub grub was served halfway thru the event before the judges and their final decisions (more banter following). After the winner was declared . I then hosted the rest of the evening which was basically a free for all karaoke .

Using a Dynacord desk mixer, Karaoke player, 2 x TV sceens on the stage along with a wedge monitor, 4 x SM58 microphones on stands,  EV speaker PA system, 1000's of songs to choose from, request slips. The evening was faultless.

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