Wednesday, 28 March 2012

karaoke with Operator East Midlands

Karaoke with Operator DHL Castle Donnington March 23rd 2012

I personally covered this event for "Wired Events" based in London . DHL are holding an internal "DHL has got Talent" competition. The acts all taken from DHL employees. They  are filmed  interviewed and then judged at a later date by the Film crew and 'Wired Events' . The Finalists will eventually be going into a head to head at  a later date to be voted/judged by their colleagues.
I travelled up to Castle Donnington (which is by East Midlands airoprt. DHL 's main operation is here as well)
Stayed in a delightful B & B the evening before  the event. Next day early rise and to work
Another company had laid on the PA system and cameras etc. I just supplied the Karaoke system so the competitors could sing along to backing tracks if they were not doing their own thing.
It was  a long day with big gaps between the acts. (Some  that could only be descibed as excruciating)
However there were at least a couple of very good artists (both had their own guitars ). However there was one common denominator for all the acts and that was nerves and there were heaps of them.
A long day 8.00 a.m. to 6.30.p.m and then a drive home back to London. Obviously we all kept each other amused and this heped the day go a little faster.
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