Thursday, 16 February 2012

PA Sound sytems Hire Battersea Power Station

15th February 2012 PA System Hire

A multiple sound system hire for a company called 'Blink Productions' who were putting together a promotional film shoot for the SSX Play Station Snow Boarding game at Battersea Power Station London.
We arrived about 10.45 am Wednesday morning with 4 Sound systems to install . Each comprised of 2 speakers, desk mixer and a CD player. We used a combination of brands and models. Specifically  Electrovice SX 300 speakers, Mackie SRM 450 Speakers, Pioneer CDJ 1000 CD players and Pioneer DJM mixers . All the set ups were identical in as much as they all had 2 x speakers, 1 x Desk Mixer, 1 x CD player and an iPod connecting lead. Two PA systems were inside and two  were installed outside. One of the outside ones was up 10 flights of stairs below the chimney line of the Power Station, fortunately we were helped with the lugging! and rewarded by some spectacular views over London. The systems were to give the participants and the selected audience a sense of atmosphere during the filming . It seemed to do the trick according to the main event organiser Marc Davidson.
Myself and Barney very much enjoyed the interesting nature of the set up including looking at the inside of the old Power Station building imagining the huge turbines that would once have been housed here. It is now empty shell looking like a set from an apocalyptic futuristic city.
We picked up the sound systems later that night and watched some of the crew zooming down the 500 meter cable from the roof of the station down on to the purpose built platform situated on the ground level.
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