Wednesday, 16 November 2011

PA System Karaoke System Hayes London

Nov 14th 2011

This was a promotional event for a DVD launch of  " Kung Fu Panda 2 " whatever that is!!
The 'Shine' team organised the event which was held at the 'Super' Sainsburys branch at Hayes Middx .
Arrived at 10.00a.m. sharp to set up the following sound equipment  2  x Mackie SRM 450 speakers (FOH) 2 x Mackies for stage monitors -  2 x Db Sub bass speakers - 1 x Soundcraft mixing desk - 4 x Shure SM58 microphones with stands - 1 x Karaoke player - 1 x LED TV monitor with stand -  1 x 10ft by 7ft portable stage.
The whole event centred on the recently reformed boy/girl band "Steps" who were going to perform two of their previous hits and 'Kung Fu Fighting ' Lee and Clare were the two Steps members that did their bit for the small but appreciative crowd that was there to see what was going on. My sister in law once had a crush on Lee so I mentioned her to him (always nice to speak to a minor celebrity on a common subject) The whole event lasted an hour and a half . So my helper Mr.Dolphin and I  had a short day. All the hired sound equipment worked well and there were no technical hitches. Terrific!
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