Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Dj Mobile Disco Golf Club

17th September 2011. We provided a DJ and equipment at Wycombe Heights Golf Clob for a 40th Birthday . We delivered the disco equipment in the afternoon so that the Host (Steve) could play his own tunes thru his iPod out of our sound system.
We used a Twin Denon CD player with a 4 channel Denon mixer built into the CD console. Pair of Mackie SRM 450 speakers and a DB Technologies 400 watt sub bass unit. 2 x Impossibled LED lighting effects and a small cluster laser. This was ample for the room's dimensions
Our DJ (Uncle Duggie - nickname ) had to cater for two quite diverse crowds. One set were into Retro house music and the other group were into 'cheesey stuff' . He pulled thru unscathed - despite the party going on to 1.45 in the morning. Quite unusual for a Golf Club party to go on this late into the morning.
Steve (the host) gave Uncle Duggie a generous tip. We got this one just right!!
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